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February 2021 Goals

So January was off to a slow start, lets see what February has in store!

Dry February, since dry January clearly did not happen for me, i want to do Dry February. It will be nice to have a little reset even though when I do drink 80% of the time its with friends.

Not order out, this just piggy backs onto my cooking goal. I will continue to cook all of February and not order out, it saves so much money and its fun to play around with recipes.

No unnecessary purchases, this one is so tough for me. I feel like every time I turn around I want to buy something new, not that I necessarily need it. This year I am really trying to save all of my pennies so I want to be sure I am being smart with my money. I can use what I have for now.

Workout 5 times a week, I want to continue on my little workout train. I want to keep running and doing OBE fitness every other day, I feel so much better doing it and it ladders into my larger year goals.

Duolingo, 20 min a day to keep moving forward with what I am learning. It's nice to have something to learn and in the back of my head I have a trip to Paris as motivation!

Skillshare, I want to do 2 classes this time. Last month I didn't do any!

For now, here is the last time I went for a run in January, fingers crossed by the end of February Ill be able to comfortably run 3 miles!

What are some of your goals?

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