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February 2021 Goals - Recap

Well, looks like February came in short and sweet. By sweet I mean I didn't really follow it again, UGH good thing its month 2 of 12 of the year!

Dry February, well I did dry February when I was by myself. BUT I was a bit more social than I wanted to be so I drank more than I wanted to.

Not order out, woohooo this one was a win this month up until the ned of the month! I ended up getting sushi one night and Chipotle another night. Happens am I right.

No unnecessary purchases, I know I'm trying to save literally all my pennies up. I ended up ordering out twice, getting a little wreath off of amazon but overall I was pretty good with this!

Workout 5 times a week, Unfortunately due to nothing other than being afraid of starting... I did'd do this. I was really bad this month but that just means the only way to go is up.

Duolingo, 20 min a day everyday is in the books! Should I book my ticket to France now?

Skillshare, I want to do 2 classes next month...

How did you do this month?

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