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February 2022 Top 5

Rounding up my top five products this month in no particular order

  1. Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss for $35 from Sephora or Dior. I do not have big lips so the fact that these make my lips look plump, glossy and feel tingly, I love it. I have it in the color

  2. Makeup Eraser - I have two sets of seven and they are always having sales! A set of seven without a sale costs $25. I actually use them every night after I use micellar water and it is astonishing to see how much eye makeup comes off of these! I prefer to travel with them instead of eye makeup remover because they save space and are much more efficient. Once I am done with removing my eye makeup, I like using the exfoliating side (the flip side) on my skin. Highly recommend and they have so many pack sizes and colors!

  3. Face roller and sleeping bag by The Skinny Confidential! I swear, ice rolling my face every morning has made a gigantic difference. My face is less puffy and looks more defied through the day. The linked roller stays cold for such a long period of time and I keep it in the freezer in its sleeping bag. Both travel so incredibly well and stay cold for such a long time. Talk about a game changer in the skincare game. I roll every morning and before I go to bed. The ones I have are a bit more expensive (roller is $69 and bag is $22) but you can also get a starter one from Amazon if you aren't ready to invest yet!

  4. Shacket, talk about a recent obsession of mine. I love shackets, they are warm and stylish all at the same time! This one is from Revolve by BLANKNYC and is $148. Not only is it such a cute color but it also has a ton of pockets, is warm and so fun.

  5. Crossbody bag, a slight dupe from the very popular Louis Vuitton bag but instead of spending $2,600 you only have to spend $26! I love how cute and functional it is!

What are your favorites?

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