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First Time Back at a Nail Salon

Ugh, guys... you know I am a girl who loves to get her nails done. I love going every two weeks, sitting, not talking to anyone and just relaxing. I love getting my feet rubbed, my calves rubbed, plus having my hands and feet look all pretty.

It was rough for me at first to not be able to get a manicure and pedicure every other week. It was the silent time I looked forward to! I have to admit, it was great for my nails to grow out and be super healthy after doing gel for so long, it was also nice to save about $100 each month. Since I have been back at my apartment for a while now and my local salon is open, I wanted to go and support the local business (I really don't want them to close).

I went one day when they were showing my apartment to someone else, I thought it was a good opportunity to go. I was weary to go just because I don't know, corona. However, I went to the hair salon so why not go back to my wonderful Modern Nail salon...

Let me tell you, I actually didn't mind going and felt super safe. Masks were required by all people at all times, you are not able to bring in any food or drinks. They are only taking reservation for now and as soon as you check in, they take your temperature then you have to go wash your hands before you are able to go and touch anything at all!

First up was a pedicure per usual. They had every other chair open for use. There was a cool shield for protecting between myself and the woman actually giving me a pedicure. The shield said "Keep Distance! Stay Safe! Thank you!", they did have them at every station even though they were seating customers every other seat. When I was done with the pedicure, they immediately wiped down the station (including the chair I was sitting in) & I was brought to a manicure station. They were also only functioning with every other station which was great. Here they also had the shields hanging from the ceiling at every station.

I got Forever Yummy by Essie on my toes and "Thats Hot Pink" by Perfect Match on my nails.

It was beyond refreshing to be able to get a pedicure and gel manicure. Since I havent been in a while i tipped out the wazoooo. I did notice that they did not have the dryers under the manicure station to put your feet in like normal so the toes can dry, they also didn't have anyone at the hand drying stations. I realized it makes total sense, now a days you cant have any additional air flowing things going on. They did have two little cafe looking tables and chairs outside for people to sit at while nails dry if they wanted to.

Overall, it felt super clean and safe. Between everyone wearing masks, no food/drink, having your temperature checked and washing hands before touching anything I don't know what else they can do. I did feel bad at how empty it was but I'm sure as people start returning to their apartments and this continues to be the new normal it'll start filling up again!

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