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I love spin classes in general, by my apartment I go to Prime Cycle but if I'm going with friends in the city I'll hit up flywheel. On wine Wednesday off to FlyWheel I went.

Sweat level: 9/10 I mean come on, if you don't walk out of class feeling like you were going to throw up at least once and totally drenched in sweat... you did it wrong.

Sports bra level: 8/10 Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean i should be "controlling" the way I bounce vs. don't bounce on the seat but you still gotta support the girls.

Cardio: 10/10 It is a cardio class after-all, you should feel exhausted at the end and like you've worked your ass off.

Strength: 8/10 Come on chica, the 45 minute class is less than 5 minutes arms. The weights are light but the repetitions light my arms on fire!

Instructor: 8/10 I took Brandon William's class. I mentally was going through something the day and needed a little pick me up. He was great at being motivational but not being too over the top.


- Bring your own shoes if you have them. I personally love TIEM shoes, I have them in white and am debating getting them in the army color. These shoes provide just a smoother ride then standard spin shoes. Yes, the studio will provide shoes for you, but bringing your own shoes is a solid way to be sure your feet aren't bothering you.

- Competition, I do love a good competition. If you are booking through class pass and want to be a part of the leaderboard competition make sure you get to the studio early and tell them as you check in. Yes you should be pushing yourself but It's always nice to have a little extra motivation.

- If you sign up on class pass you wont be able to pick your spot. for some people it doesn't matter but I like sitting up at the front of class and by my friends.

- Bring water, lots and lots of water. I can not stress enough how important it is.

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