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Foundation, whats all that about?

For the most part, I am pretty brand loyal when it comes to cosmetic brands. I find what I like and seemingly works for my skin and I stick with it. Recently, I have been working on trying to expand my horizons when it comes to skincare, just because it worked a few years ago for me doesn't mean it's still working. I often go back and forth with myself on if I want to or should be wearing foundation everyday. I want to be cool and confident enough to just not give a fu$% be able to swipe some blush and mascara on to head out the door every day, the reality check is, I'm not.

I by no means have bad skin, but I am still self conscious of things like the large pores on my nose. From doing some research online, listening to the Breaking Beauty Podcast I wanted to talk to you about the different foundations I use and why I use different ones for different days.

I currently use the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 ($45 for 1.9oz) in the shade AlaskaI don't remember why I started using it but I do know a huge part of why I picked it is due to the SPF 30 in it. I love being able to just put this on and be able to go outside, I feel like its very important to be able to have some SPF on your face, it will help against sunburn and I am convinced it helps prevent wrinkles. Overall this foundation is a lightweight natural looking coverage, for and it is supposed to hydrate skin as well as reduce the look of any discoloration. Now, I think some of the ingredients in it are supposed to help reduce the discoloration of spots on skin but I am not a scientist so I cant be sure.

Overall, I love how easy this is to blend on my face, and how lightweight it feels. Only I can really tell that I have the tinted moisturizer on. It is a tried and true lightweight tinted moisturizer that I don't see myself falling away from unless something AMAZING comes along. This product also does not have a lot of shades which is great. I think when skintoned products have too many shades it is a bit of a red flag. I just think it shows that the liquid is sheer enough that it can blend in with a few different tones, Im looking for sheer coverage and I love that.

On the weekends I usually just throw on the Replenix UltiMATTE Perfection Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50+ this is also a great lightweight tinted moisturizer and is $43 for 1.6oz. My dermatologist actually recommended this to me years ago as a go to tinted moisturizer. She likes the fact that it has anti-aging ingredients, is clean and has SPF 50 in it. This is close to tied with the NARS for me. It is just as easy to spread on your face, it leaves a bit of a dewy finish to your skin. It leaves a very natural look that not only protects skin but it evens out skin tone. I actually will swipe this on prior to going to spin class or something along with some mascara to make myself look slightly pulled together. The biggest downside for me is the fact that it leaves a bit of an oily finish on your fingers. Yes, I apply this as well as the NARS foundation with my fingers, I like doing it because I feel like it wastes less product (by not being absorbed into a brush or sponge).

For a while, I tried LAURA MERCIER Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 - Oil Free in the shade blush (yes thats the second lightest shade). I was actually really disappointed with this, especially after all the hype of how amazing Laura Mercier Products are. This was the first Laura Mercier product I ever tried, however all of my friends and most of the reviews rave about the products so I wanted to give it a try. Looking at the Sephora reviews, this particular product has about 4.1 stars with 5,000 reviews, I thought my odds would have been good between that and the rave around Laura Mercier. Now don't get me wrong, the product wasn't bad by any means, I just prefer the NARS product to it. The benefits of this product are that it has SPF, it is supposed to prevent oil from showing through and has a nice natural looking finish. Overall, I found the product difficult to spread on my face. At first i though the product maybe needed to be a bit warm to apply, that wasn't the case, I tried using a brush and that didn't help with the application either. It does look nice once it is fully applied but the texture of the product isn't as light and airy as I would have liked. Needless to say, I'll be finishing the tube I have but I wont be replacing my NARS with it anytime soon.

Last but not least, from listening to the lovely ladies on Breaking Beauty, I decided to give the new PAT MCGRATH LABS Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Foundation a try. This foundation is definitely on the pricier end of things, you can get it 1.18oz of the product for $68. So in my opinion if its $68 it better work miracles on my skin, I wanted to try it out first, remember at Sephora you can get a sample of any product except La Mer. I tried out shade number 6, yes I am very pale and have pink undertones in my skin. Overall you can apply this with your fingers or a brush due to the fact that tis is still on the lighter weight side of foundations. Overall it provides a medium coverage which is great if your skin fluctuates or you feel like you need some additional coverage. This provides a slightly dewy finish to your skin, with a creamy feeling finish. One major thing I don't love about this foundation is there is no SPF in the formula. Granted, if thats the only thing I have to complain about its not too bad, especially since my daily moisturizer has SPF in it.

Overall, I don't think I'll be switching up my routine anytime soon. I love that all four of these have ingredients in them that help smooth out fine lines and they all have pretty solid color matching skills. If my dermatologist were to rank them for me, she woudl tell me to use Replenix on a daily basis because it does have some fantastic anti-aging and skin protecting ingredients in it. After that, she would probably rank NARS, Laura Mercier and finally Pat McGrath just based off of the SPF coverage. Overall, it's important to know what you are looking for when it comes to foundation, there are a lot of things to think about like coverage, SPF, ingredients, skin type, skin concern and so many more. Foundation is not a one size fits all situation, but I do encourage you to do some research and try some different ones out before committing.

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