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The first three weekends in September will be full of me heading to my parents house. They are only a 30 minute train ride from my place but I need to be sure I am as productive as possible when I am home with them. Let me be clear, my parents are doing “fun” things that I am going home for. As an example, they are clearing out their house to get ready to sell it :( so Ive helped them pull things together and repaint some parts of the house. They are also throwing a 60th Birthday party for my dad! That is actually happening next weekend and I am very excited about it. About 100 people will be in our backyard, this is sort of their last big gig before they put the house up for sale and I am glad it is to celebrate my dad.  When I head home, I typically have some downtime to be able to work on some content and figure out what I am doing for the week ahead. That being said, I need to be 100% sure I am as productive as possible since I am not in my own place with all of my things. So as I pack my bag to head home, I am sure to bring the following: 


iPad: I can pretty much do everything on there. I have my magazines, books, notes to write down any content ideas and so on. 

Glasses & case: I can’t tell you how easy it actually is to forget this. I am blind as a bat so you would think I would remember these important things… In my glasses case is where I keep my spare contacts for the weekend. Let's be honest, if I forget this at home I am royally screwed. 

Notebook & Pen: yes you spotted it. I now have Cubicle to CEO Chic SWAG including the notebook and pen in the photo. I ordered a bunch of things off of Vista Print and am OBSESSED. The notebook I keep all of my little To-Do lists, ideas, notes & so on. I find it extremely satisfying to be able to physically write things down and cross them off when they are complete. Oh I just got chills thinking about it. 

Timer Cube: I’ve written about the timer cube before. I just cant reiterate how easy it is to get things done with the little cube.  It makes it so attainable to be able to get some quick things done by just flipping the cube for 15 or 30 mins and focusing on that one task. Thats how I got this post done.

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