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Gallery Wall on a Budget

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Who doesn't love a good gallery wall? I sure do, but did not want to spend a few hundred dollars on it. So, how do you take a boring large white wall like this... and turn it into something homey and stunning on a budget.

Well, let me tell you. First off, you need to have some inspiration in mind. Do you want something that looks like a giant collage of things, do you want everything to be the same size? do you want it to be symmetrical? Lots and lots of things to think about so make sure you have some inspiration. If you don't, you could be standing in the frame aisle of target for about an hour touching everything. Trust me, thats not a fun thing, especially since we are all still wearing masks and all the other fun stuff.

What I ended up doing, was heading home, opening my computer and really plugging away at the online shopping. First I was looking at different websites like Framebridge or preset gallery wall websites. To be honest, those were all stupid expensive and I knew I could do it myself for less. If they weren't silly expensive, they were pre determined posters hey wanted in the frames and I'm not about that life. Sooooo off to Amazon I went, I picked up quite a few little things:

  • Leveler, sorry this is wildly important to have and I don't know how I possibly went this long without having one. This is super lightweight and so easy to throw in a toolbax. The best part is its only $6.

  • Frames, these 11" x 14" frames hold 8" x 10" pictures. They come in a pack of five for about $30. I got two sets, they are very inexpensive for frames and super lightweight, which makes them perfect to hang in apartments.

  • Acrylic Shelves, this set of 4 acrylic shelves are my new favorite thing ever. They are 15" long, 3" deep and can be installed with the lip up or down depending on what you are looking to do. The set of four is $26, it comes with screws to use. Obsessed does not even begin to cover how I feel about these, I immediately need to order more!

  • Acrylic frames, These are to die for. they come in a pack of 5 for $36. They have a magnetic snap closure so you can actually put two pics in there! You can put them anywhere for a really simple look.

Lastly, I ordered my pictures all from Snapfish. I have been using Snapfish for years. I store all my photos on there and order prints on a regular basis. I absolutely love that they constantly have deals going on, you can have it shipped, pick up from Walmart or Walgreens. Overall, you can order prints, books, mugs, pretty much whatever you want. I ordered a bunch of 8"x10"pics (I had a coupon that took it from about $80 to $22), I wanted to lay out what photos that I got and see what flowed best together. I also ordered a few 4" x 6" pics to add. I have the remaining ones set aside incase I want to swap them out.

Overall, I was super nervous about hanging the fist piece, that sets the tone for everything else. What I ended up doing, was ensuring my media console was centered to the rug and laid out the photos to the exact width of the console on the floor. I played around a lot wit the different pictures and the orientation of the frames. It was all going super well and I was sold on the pictures I was going to use. Thankfully, the frames are so light, mostly because its a piece of plastic instead of glass in the frames, so I used command strips on the top portion of the frame to stick them to my wall. Since I rent it is a lot easier to use command strips instead of nailing them into the wall. For some delusional reason, I thought it was a great idea to hang the photos to the tall of the wall (I have high ceilings). We measured it out to make sure the photos would be the exact width of the media console, which had each frame with a 2" gap. I went and hung the top row of pictures first, it made it so much easier to hang the bottom ones after that.

After all of the white frames were hung, I realized how big the gap was between the TV and the bottom row of pictures. I hated that gap and needed to get rid of it. thankfully the acrylic shelves came in handy for this. I used three of the four, made sure they were centered under the pictures and had an equal gap on both sides. I think I measured where the shelves would go and made marks for the screws about 100 times before I actually put it int he wall. I started with the middle shelf, once that was done I hung up the other two. I did make a little oops and the shelf to the right is about half a centimeter lower than the other two but I don't think anyone else will notice.

I am really excited that I cans I easily flip out the different pictures in the 4x6 frames! It makes it fun to play around with and switch out. I think I may even flip the candles out on the sides with some little succulents. The good news, Is everything is pretty flexible so it can evolve as I do!

Pictures from left to right... Top row: Door from Hydra Greece, Cinque Terre, Acropolis, Vintage car in Positano. Middle: Umbrella in Mykanos, random street in Italy, water in Cinque Terre, colosseum. Bottom: Family photo in Positano, my brothers and I by the Trevi Fountain, My bestie Carolyn & I, Champ the family dog, My work wife and I cheering our coworkers on during the NYC Marathon!

Anyway, I know I rambled on for quite a while about this but it was much more cost effective to get the items off of Amazon and print from Snapfish than it would have been if it was from a service.

What do you think!?

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