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Gel Mani's at Home!

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

A while ago I did a post on my summer beauty faves! I always test products before I post about them so you know the truth about each product that I post about. Over the summer I ended up getting a Gel Manicure kit... I initially got it for a few reasons:

  • I missed my nice nails

  • Regular polish chips after a few days

  • Financially it makes more sense than going to the spa every week

It was a rough start after having my nails done for me for the last five years but hey, in "quarantine" why the heck not give this a try. Now, Im not saying I don't want to get my nails done anymore, I want to still go get my feet rubbed and go relax but not every two weeks like I was doing.

First up you'll need a few products in order to get yourself on the trail of doing

  • Gel Removal, This kit is so amazing. It comes with two "magic remover" bottles. These are legit magic, just file the top coat of your gel off, throw a coat of this on and let it sit for ten mins. After that you'll be able to scrape off the rest of the polish with the tool provided. This kit also comes with a bunch of nail files of all different grits. So you can figure out what to use to remove polish, buff nails and so much more!

  • Gel Starter Kit, This kit is under $30, has 20 colors a base coat and two different top coat finishes. Im literally so obsessed with the spring/summer set I got over the summer I already ordered the darker "Manhattan" set for the colder months!

  • UV Gel Lamp, perfectly priced and great reviews for the at home gel mani. I found this on Amazon.

  • Precision nail file, literally the best for making sure the shape of the nail is perfect and getting anything that may have been stuck under the nail. You can get this at almost any drugstore and Amazon.

Now the fun part! Actually doing your nails! I broke this out into a few different steps.

Step 1: File off the top portion of nail polish and apply a healthy layer of the Magic Remover. The magic remover will slowly lift up so it is beyond easy for you to scrape away the nail polish thats left. I was super skeptical about the Magic Remover first and was really blown away at how easily it works.

Step 2: So now the Magic remove has cooked (if you look closely at my pinkey and a few others you can see how it just lifts up the polish). Take the scraper tool thats included in the kit I linked and use the rounded side first. Take that and push from your cuticle to the tip of the nail. Once you get off the polish with that, use the angled edge to get the excess polish off.

Step 3: Use the 180 file in the kit to really buff out your nails. This will ensure they are smooth, even and the polish goes on nicely. Plus it will get the rest of the residual polish off of the nails.

Step 4: File and shape to your preference. I like having shorter round nails. For me they break less and its easier to type. Plus as long as they are decently short then they last longer between manicures.

Step 5: Time to polish! Make sure the nails are buffed, shaped and you wash them before actually polishing them. I use the Beetles Gel Polish line. As you know I have the nice bright spring kit and have the darker colored kit on order. I really like that the colors are smaller bottles so you can figure out what you like or dont! After each coat I let it bake for 60 seconds, I do one hand at a time.

Step 6: Enjoy! Enjoy the f^ck out of the manicure for the next 2+ weeks! Shape it all up and you are good to go. Its so easy, no dry time and lasts about 2 weeks! What more could you ask for!?

What are your favorite at home nail hacks?

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