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Get Organized With a New Planner

I finally decided to get my act together and actually get a planner instead of using miscellaneous sticky notes and pads. I turned to a stationary brand that I love to follow because of how freaking pretty everything is and decided to take the plunge.

For some reason I wanted to have a clear acrylic planner as the base. I wanted to get one with gold rings but that was backordered on Amazon and was spread over the span where I am moving so I didn't want to risk it not getting to me. I got a A5 sized planner with silver rings in a pack of two. I don't really need tow but hey it came in two so thats what were up to.

Next, I had to figure out what inserts I wanted. I knew I wanted a few different things in different sections. I needed room for blank notes, to-do lists, month on a page, pockets. divider tabs and a few other things. So, I ended up getting a monthly calendar view as well as a pack that had lined pages, pockets & flags from Amazon.

Now that I had the necessities for my basic organization out of the way, its was time for me to find some very aesthetically pleasing additions. I turned to Cloth & Paper for those, I have been following her on instagram for over a year now. All I see are beautiful stationary products from her and why not support a small business. Her stuff is a bit expensive but the quality is amazing & when you sign up for emails you'll get 15% off your first order. So let me walk through what I ended up settling on (note all pricing is based off of the A5 sizing):

  • The Harder I work. The Luckier I get. This is just aa cover page. Since my planner is clear I don't need anyone who sees my planner to be able to see all the goodies inside. Plus, it's a nice reminder to keep myself motivated. This dashboard page in A5 is $6.90.

  • Girl Gang Top Tab Dividers, Tab dividers are essential. These make it a bit more fun than some of the standard "schedule" and other boring sections. This pack comes with 6 different tabs: The Grind (for my blogging schedule), Socialite (fun events), Inspo AF (for inspiration), Girl Gang (networking), Mulah (money tracking) & Whateves. These come in a few different color options, I got blush. Cloth & Paper has other fun divider options as well. The top dividers for A5 were on sale from $18.90 to $12.

  • Daily Inserts Inspiration version, These are great daily inserts where you can write in the date as well as a few goals and some inspiration for the day. They are 15 double sided pages so I will use these for a weekend instead of a day so I can really knock out a bunch of work. In the A5 size these are $24.90.

  • Minimal Executive Notes, These come in a set of 15 double sided pages where you can fill out the date information. These are perfect for setting a list of things to do for the week! In the A5 size these are $14.90.

  • Habit Tracking Sticky Notes, I don't know about you but writing things down always helps me. There are 5 rows you could use for different habits each week or reuse the same note for 5 weeks in a row or use it on a monthly basis. I use one a week to track: water intake, going for walks & so much more. These come in a set of 50 stickies for $4.90.

  • Dots, Cloth & Paper has so many pretty options when it comes to colors and shapes. For now I went super simple with dots in tow colors, Amalfi Coast & Suede. I'll use them to either knock off dates in the daily or to note days I'm posting. Im not entirely sure yet but I'll figure it out. All of the shapes come in sets of two sheets and each sheet has 63 stickers on it and is $3.90.

  • Other Items I want from Cloth & Paper? Well, honestly Id like everything. I love all of the inserts, stickers literally everything. I did sign up for the monthly subscription box for the next three months. It is $100 to do the three months. I did it because I wasn't entirely sure what I was looking for so i figured I would go with the "Stationary" box. I will for sure do posts each month I get the items.

What are your favorite ways to get organized? What about boutique stationary companies?

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