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Girls Night In This Valentines Day!

Gosh, here we go, Im heading into my 6th Valentines day in a row alone. Well, it happens doesn't it... I have been lucky enough to have great girlfriends that were also single to so we have always been able to do something fun together! This year, COVID makes it a bit tougher to do anything with the girls, so here are a few ideas on what to do this Valentines day!

  1. Galantines Zoom... why not hang with some of your girls. You can have a fun game night, gossip night, watch a movie together. You name it but spend some zoom-time with the girls!

  2. Glam, thats right... Whatever you are doing get all dressed up. Put something fun on, do your makeup and hair and have a good ol' time. I don't care if you are doing a zoom thing, hanging at home or just doing something small. Get dressed and feel glammed up.

  3. Bake or cook... Why not use it as excuse to pour some wine and try a new recipe. Whats the worst that happens, you eat everything you ate in one sitting.

  4. Zen Bath... Pour some bubbles into that bath, pour some wine into that cup, put on a show and hop into a relaxing bath!

If you cant do anything with your friends, don't be afraid to celebrate loving yourself. Yeah, I understand that sounds corny but if you rent happy with you then there is no way you will be happy with a plus one! Over the past 18 months, I have had a lot of time to work on my relationship with myself. I think it is a constant process that happens as you get older and life changes.

If it's just you this valentines day, here is what I would recommend (If I wasn't hanging with my bestie I'd be doing this):

  • Pour some wine & order some yummy food that you typically wouldn't.

  • Draw a nice bath with some candles & watch a TV show.

  • Throw on some cozy jammies, finish that wine and just enjoy!

Luckily, my bestie and I are getting glammed up, watching rom-com's, drinking some vino and eating some yummy food! Valentines day is just another day, why not relax and enjoy it!

What are you doing this Valentines day?

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