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Hair Essentials

I am a girl that definitely puts some energy into my hair on most days. Well, most days when I was going into the office everyday. In honor of hair salons opening up April 22nd I have compiled a list of my favorite hair products and tools that are worth sharing out!

Let's start with tools because there are fewer of those. I am very close to my hair stylist and have been for over ten years now! I very truly trust the tools she recommends to be, especially since she won't recommend something that is crazy expensive, she just wants it to be good for my hair and work.

  • Hair Dryer: I actually have a Chi Ceramic Hair Dryer (it's about $60) but is out of stock. I have linked a very similar one by Hot Tools. I like that the buttons are on the front of the handle and this is a great quality especially for the price (under $50)!

  • Hot Tools 1" & 1.25" Curling Iron from Hot Tools, I have had the same curling iron for years, it's the same one that my hair dresser uses. It's a Hot Tools curling iron. Overall Hot Tools has a ton of different options from barrel sizes, to wands to colors. I have their basic Signature Gold 1" Curling Iron (less than $30 on Amazon prime)as well as the Signature Gold 1.25" Curling Iron (less than $40 on Amazon prime). They both are great, it really just depends on my length of hair at the time as to which one I'm going to use. The barrel itself heats up quickly and you don't need to hold for a long time to get the curl results. I love how long the cord is on this product and how the cord actually swivels.

  • T3 1" Straightener - I know everyone raves about the T3 curling wands. Well, they should also be raving about the straight iron. It heats up fast and straightens in one quick pass. Plus its super sleek looking.

  • Amika Waver, this is a bit of a newer product for me but I love the way it waves my hair. There are tons of different versions of this product out there but this one has an Allure best of beauty seal so I decided to go with it. It is easy to use, I normally prep my hair by using some volumizing spray before using it and put some mousse in after. It does take a few tries (like any styling tool) to get it right! It is by far the easiest product to use to get nice effortless beach waves.

  • Travel two-in-one, this is my favorite product to travel with. It is lightweight, compact and comes with its own carrying case. The iron heats up quickly & is easy to use. One of the best parts is that its dual voltage, so you can use it in the US and overseas! Last but not least, the people who supply this for Amazon are absolutely amazing and so helpful! If nothing else, I suggest you get this!

  • No slip clips. I like to section my hair off my hair as I style it, I know some of my friends have to section off their hair as they blow dry it because of how thick it is. I use these when I am curling or waving my hair to section it out and be sure I get everything.

  • Teleties - yes, as basic as it may be I have fallen for them. I have two different sizes, small and Large. The small fits with my hair on a more regular basis, the large I use if my hair is long., I want a loose bun or one of my friends needs it. One of my favorite parts of these are how gentile they are, how they don't stretch or leave a dent in your hair.

Now the products... I want to preface this with I have fine, straight color treated hair.

  • Function of Beauty Shampoo & Conditioner, I have been raving about this company for years. I can not say enough good things about them! They are a subscription based service where you can customize your shampoo and conditioner to be the best it can be for your hair. I have a subscription for it where i get 16oz of shampoo and conditioner every 6 months. Most of the time I do have to delay the shipment since I don't go through the product that fast. In addition to the shampoo/conditioner, they have hair masks, leave in conditioner and hair serums that are also totally custom. They subscribe to using no nasty ingredients and have a ton of educational materials on their site! The link here has a 20% off discount off your first order!

  • Dove Dry Shampoo, super basic yes but every girl has a good dry shampoo. During quarantine I have been trying to wash my hair every two or three days. I have been using dry shampoo as a way to help volumize your hair (or as a nice primer before styling).

  • Next Day Hair by L'Oreal. I spray this all over my hair when I am going to curl or wave it. I swear it helps!

  • Volumetry Expert Series Spray, This can be sprayed onto damp hair to get some extra volume.

  • L'Oreal Professional Full Volume Mousse, This can go into your hair after it is curled or waved. All you have to do is shake the can, rub a little all over your hair and you are good to go. Itll hold the style especially as the weather starts to get humid.

  • Tecni Art Extreme Lacquer Extreme Hold, who doesn't need a good hair spray.

Anyway, those are my go to hair products. Looking at the list I see there are a lot of products but they don't all go together at the same time...

Let me know what some of your faves are!

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