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Havenly Designs

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

So a few weeks ago I let you know I'm moving! Let me tell you, I have been so excited for the past two months since I found out that I was moving into this place. Overall its not big and thats okay, its going to be perfect or me! In the effort to make it really perfect for me, I felt a bit overwhelmed about my decorating so I did some research and stumbled upon Havenly.

Havenly is an interior design service and you can hire them to completely redo a room (rooms), reuse the furniture you have, do a complete mockup of your room, find furniture and anything for you. Needless to say, with the stress of everything else I have going on right now, it was the best way for me to go. Their packages range from $99 where they add the finishing touches and help rearrange everything, up to $179 which can be a total room transformation, Since this is really my first time being in a place of my own, I want to be sure its my sanctuary so I went with the full package, it was on sale for around $150 at the time.

There are a few steps to take after y0u pick a package and pay for it. First you'll go through a quiz and it will help determine things you like and don't like so they can indicate what type of style mix you have and match you with a designer that focuses on that. So, in a surprise to no one, my style results was that I lean into the glam vibe but with hints of preppy modern & boho.

So, once that was done I had a few "matches" from a designer perspective. I ended up going with Anny (linked her Havenly portfolio, she's great) and here is her Instagram. We had a 98% design match. She wasn't available to start right away (there were options where someone could start right away) but thats okay, Im not moving until the end of August anyway.

The next step is to complete your room profile. In this situation the more information you can provide the better! This part was very fun for me... You get to go through and pick what you like and don't like about the photos they show you. Ontop of that, you can actually comment on what you like about it

After that, you have to go through and tell the designer about your space. If you want them to do a layout like I did you will need to upload some sort of sketch or floor plan of the actual place with dimensions. I uploaded photos of all of my items, my gold bookshelf, dresser, bed photo frames with all of the dimensions and what I liked vs didn't love. Next you have to go through and talk about the pieces you currently have that you want to keep. Now, I wanted to keep almost everything, the only maybe in my mind is my sofa and thats still up in the air! You'll go through and touch on what your wishlist is, for example, mine included a coffee table, media console, bar stools & other miscellaneous items finally you set an approximate budget you want. After you do all of that, you'll have a start date and it is out of your hands.

To be honest, I LOVED my experience with Anny. I was very specific on what vibe I was looking for... I want there to be an easy distinction between my sleeping and living space, but I want both places to be peaceful, and me. The first step is for mood boards to be developed.

Anny came back with three distinct mood boards based off of all the information I gave her. Once you see them, there are products associated with them you can rate (love, neutral, pass). You'll see the three moods she came back with below, Airy Mint, Fun & Preppy Delight and Luxe Comfort.

As much as I loved all of these but gave very specific feedback on all three concepts, including the specific products she had in there. My favorite was the airy mint theme... it is light, airy, peaceful, glam, and has a bit of an attitude which I love. My second fave was luxe comfort, I liked how clean and calm everything looked. Unfortunately, as much as I love the vibe of Preppy Delight, I don't actually want to live in that, i feel like it'll be dated quickly and that the others can carry on longer and just replace pieces.

So, after Anny got all my lovely detailed feedback, she was able to send through a more refined overall scheme and floor-plan which I was very excited to see. What she came up with was spot on. She took into account all of my comments, pushed back on some that just didn't make sense and added some additional thought starters.

So First I was presented with the below two images, the updated mood board and the floor plan. The mood board gives me all the feels, I love the colors and how it easily it meshes with my current setup. I did ask silly questions like, do couches with one seat like that end up flattening easily, letting her know I wanted some storage in the coffee table & so on. I told her I loved putting my dresser in the closet to not take up room, how I loved putting the hexagonal mirror by the entry. The only things I pushed back on were the price of the sofa and media console, I also told her I found a full length mirror from Amazon I wanted to get.

Thankfully, Anny came back with amazing updates and commentary for me. She was very thoughtful about the products and price points that she added in and explained all of the questions I had. She included all items and options from my wish list and really made it feel like home. The nextstep after my second round (of probably annoying) commentary, was for her to show renders of the space with the units in it and finalize the product list.

I', sorry, please tell me that doesn't look super cozy. She used my existing bookshelf, paintings, bed & lamp. I will be using a different rug but I overall love this so much. Since I don't move till late August, I wont be getting things like the coffee table, bar stools, mirror or media console yet. I have ordered the poufs already since my current roommate is taking the coffee table we currently have.

I am beyond happy wit this, and maybe I could've done it myself but it was just so much easier to do it this way! I do plan on getting these items in waves to not spend too much money all at once. when i move I'll get the necessities like the coffee table & media console. Next I'll dip into getting things like more decorative items like the blanket ladder, the basket. Lastly Ill get the new couch since the grey one I have now is fine. The products will live on the product section forever so I am glad I can pull from there. They also price match and will take any discounts that the retailer is offering.

I highly recommend using them even if you want help figuring out how to lay out your existing furniture! Here is a link for up to a $50 discount on services! Let me know what you think.

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