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I Got My Hair Cut!

I know, getting your hair done isnt a big deal... well, it was this time. This was the first time I have gotten my hair cut since Corona shutdown and I normally get it done every six weeks... Yes, I am one of those girls that gets their hair done every six weeks and I love it. I love getting my hair washed, colored and trimmed up. The last time I got my hair done was February 22nd, which means April 4th would have been the 6 week mark. Instead of 6 weeks it was over 17 weeks (123 days). I am very trusting with my hair dresser, shes been doing my hair for 15 years so I pretty much let her do whatever is in style and will look good on me.

The last time she insisted on shadowing my roots (smudging darker color around the roots but the light color is still at the needs). Thanks god she did! It helped hide the fact that I went 17 weeks without getting my hair done. It didn't make it look like a harsh line as things started growing out. I had assumed it would be a mad rush to the salon and that I wouldn't get an appointment for quite a while. They went about keeping any exiting appointments, then scheduling missed appointments then addressing any appointments that would be a new schedule. I was in the first week of missing appointments during the shutdown so I was able to get in the first week they reopened!

Anyway, things were a bit different this time when I went to the salon. They had a list of rules the stylists were following and that we had to follow. It ranged from alternations stations, longer hours to accommodate, everyone must wear masks, all tools are sanitized, temperatures are checked. Well I don't want to ramble about the rules, here is the IG post they put up about it.

So, after I was called in from my car to come inside. I had a quick temperature check and sat down in my stylists chair. We quickly chatted what to do to my hair, honestly she could've colored my hair purple and I woudl've been happy just to be there. We decided to trim up my hair to make it look nice and fresh again & did the same color process as last time. She did a dry cut, as she did that and painted the color on we caught up (which was hard wearing masks because of lack of facial reactions). I had to go sit in my mask the entire time, I highly recommend wearing a disposable mask because color will probably get on the straps that go behind your ears and it will get wet when they wash your hair.

Honestly, overall it was weird to not hug Danielle, get my hair blowdried to see the final product and to sit with a mask on. I think it was totally worth it. If you are feeling uncomfortable about going but what to, I recommend you call your salon to see what their precautions are. I know I saw the assistants at mine walking around cleaning / disinfecting the surfaces all around. I 'felt very safe while in the hair salon and it was nice to have a sense of "normalcy" if you can call it that. In chatting with my stylist, she was happy to be back and felt comfortable. The biggest "change" in my opinion was having to wear a facemask, not getting my hair dried (even though that saves a bunch of money) and not being able to hug my stylist.

Man it felt great to be back! I'm already looking forward to my next appointment...

Have you gone to get your hair done yet? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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