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I'm Moving!

Thats right! I will no longer be at my cute little walkup brownstone apartment in Hoboken with a roommate. Instead, Im moving closer to the path (the Path is how I get to the city, it runs as frequently as the subway does and is a bit cleaner), I'll be in my own space and have a balcony!

I will miss the charming little brownstone but I am ready for my next step and to be on my own. I am tired of dirty dishes in the sink, leaving for work and having people there, coming home and still having people there among other things. I am beyond excited to announce that I will be going to a studio all by myself! I no longer have to be judged for having a glass of wine on a Wednesday or going out on a few dates in a week (not that I can do that with Corona anyway).

Overall, I am beyond excited to nest into my new spot! I already have so many ideas on what I want to do with it! I have items in my cart for what my living area vibe is going to be but Im going to wait until I'm in my spot before I do that. I have been working with Havenly on what the space can look like. I will be sure to keep everyone updated and do a nice post on everything.

In the meantime, if anyone has any moving tips please let me know!

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