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I Moved!

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Thats right everyone, I'm moving on up in the world. I finally moved by myself, thats right, all by myself! It has taken me way too long to pull the trigger on that and it was mostly out of laziness. I as you know, am a nester, so I am very comfortable in my space. But with the pandemic going on, I really needed to pull the trigger and move onto my own spot.

So now, instead of living in a cute walkup in a brownstone with a roommate no real heat and no real AC. Ill be in a building with normal-ish air, all on my own with a balcony! I am dying for outdoor space. During these wild times, I really realized I needed to pull the trigger on going off on my own and really needed to for a while. I need to not worry about other people judging me for drinking on a Wednesday, going on dates, and I only have to worry about me. Plus with working from home until at least January, i really need to be able to jam on my own uninterrupted between Cubicle to CEO Chic and my job.

It has only been a few days but I'm settling in nicely so far. I have a studio so its a very open space. So far I have my kitchen set up, my clothes mostly in closets and am working through hanging everything. Ill be sure to share pics as I go! I absolutely love the amount of light that my apartment gets as well as how great the outdoor space is. Im sure you can relate, especially in quarantine that we all need the fresh air.

Organizing is the best part, you know, really figuring out where you want everything to be placed, hung, plants to go. Ontop of that, I have a few things in my shopping cart from Havenly waiting for some labor day sales to hit so I can make the most of the discounts.

Once all that is ordered, delivered, put together and I have my things organized Ill be so happy!

For now, here are pics of the day I legit moved in:

And a pic of me this morning enjoying some coffee before diving into work for the day:

Any questions let me know!

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