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Is Phone Insurance Worth It?

I am normally very careful when it comes to my phone, after all they are crazy expensive these days. I for the most part always have a case and screen protector on it but decided to also get the $10 a month insurance plan that Apple or Verizon offers. I always thought it was a waste of money until I actually needed it.

Even though I had a case and screen protector on, my phone fell and it cracked in the bottom corner of the phone under the screen protector... The worst part might be that my super cute neon pink The Daily Edited case is also now broken.

My first thought was oh f^ck this is going to be expensive to fix. I realized I had phone insurance and was so excited but was worried about how Corona was going to impact getting my phone fixed. At first I went to Apples website but that was taking way to long to figure out and ontop of that it kept directing me to set up a store appointment which isn't possible right now. I flipped over to the Verizon app and started one of the live chats. It ended up being super easy to deal with. The company is called Asurion and was super convenient. I was able to schedule everything online and even talk to a representative, I was able to schedule a two hour window for someone to come repair my screen.

I picked an early morning slot for the repair to happen. When they are about 15 minutes away they will text you to let you know they will be right there. It was really easy to proceed when they arrived. The tech came in a little truck, rang the doorbell & I brought out my phone. I showed them where the crack was and they took it to their van to fix. Overall it took maybe 30 minutes for them to fix it. I ended up ordering a Belkin Invisible Glass Screen Protector from Apple. They send it out with an alignment thing to help line it up correctly, if you registered the screen protector you can get in-touch with their customer service and have them send you out a new one.

Overall, yes, it is 100% worth it to have phone insurance. I hope you never need it and I never have to use it again. However, the process of fixing my phone was soooo easy and way more less expensive than it would be if you didn't have it and had to replace the screen. Now instead of being out a few hundred dollars or dealing with a cracked screen, i'm out less than $100 and have a nice new screen! Now if only my case could be fixed as well...

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