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Is Wine Usual?

A while ago I dog sat for this sweet little mini schnauzer Ella. I work with her mom and dad went away for a long weekend up to Canada. They needed a dog sitter, know I'm obsessed with dogs and since she comes into the office pretty often they know she and I get along very well.

How cute is this little munchkin chilling at the park with me

She insisted on sleeping on my pillow or nuzzled at the foot of my bed like this

I mean look at her. How cute is she. Overall we had a fun weekend, we hung out at my apartment, went for some fun walks and plays in the park. I was super bummed when she had to go home but she had to go back to mom and dad I guess...

I had such a genuinely good time watching her I was not expecting a “thank you” gift from them. A week later I showed up at work and there was a little package sitting on my desk from them. They ordered me 12 bottles of wine from Usual Wines. Yes 12 bottles sounds excessive but it’s really not I swear. Each bottle of wine is a 6oz glass of wine! I’m sorry but how perfect is that?

I was super surprised when I opened the box. Inside (aside from the wine bottles) there was this cute little card that they have a photo of the wine sitting on top of the book like it is in the pic below.

The back of the card has a message with a phone number to text if you want to order more wine. How freaking convenient is that?! Of course they gave a quippy way of phrasing that, “Text us @ 415-941-0440 when you have a question or want more wine.” and some additional notes (I guess you'll have to order to see for yourself).

Of course knowing me, you know I went online and immediately started looking up Usual Wine. They have red and rosé as of right now and can deliver the bottles in quantities of six. Their branding is very clean and simple, I love that they wanted to bring some humor into their branding. The bottles are a great shape, I’m obsessed with the texting concierge and how yummy the wine actually is. Not only is the wine yummy but it’s a great amount of wine when you just want a glass at the end of a long ass day. It’s just over 6 ounces which some would consider to be a heavy pour in most places. I feel a lot better about keeping a few of these in my fridge and opening one up at the end of a long day instead of opening a regular bottle and feeling guilty about how much wine is possibly wasted. Plus when you say you had a bottle of wine its fun to get a judgemental nod from people and say the bottle is glass sized.

I freaking wish my fridge looked like this ☝🏻 But it’s from usuals insta @usualwines

This is one of the best (and most thoughtful) gifts I’ve gotten. In stalking their Instagram I just saw they launched a white wine. Texted the concierge already to order a 6 pack of it. Head to to order or continue stalking their insta and website like I plan on doing to be sure you don't miss any other releases.

To sum it up, no this wine isn't usual.

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