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Its been 6 weeks, what the F^ck am I doing with my spare time

What a great question right! Most people have been quarantining, sheltering in place, working from home for 6 weeks now. Things that were exciting at the beginning of this like zoom and puzzles and games are no longer exciting. So, what have I been doing to stop myself from going crazy and possibly murdering my entire family...

- Face masks - no no no, not the CVOID -19 protective masks. I am talking about the ones you buy from Sephora, ULTA, CVS, and you can DIY at home. I have been all about putting my feet up, watching Bravo and throwing a face mask on. Since its not good for your skin to do one every day, I have been doing them every 4-5 days and rotating between which ones I've been using. Some of my faves are all linked below as well as what they are best used for!

- Backgammon - I never learned how to play this as a kid. So, since we've all been home I let one of my brothers teach me how to play. Turns out, it's super easy to play and has a good chunk of strategy to it as well. It's turned into a fun thing for my brothers and I to play a few times a week. If you don't have a backgammon board at home you can download a free game app on your phone. Of course the computer is set to win but it's a good way to watch and learn the strategy to brush up on skills! When quarantine is over, I have my eye on a Gray Malin board! I've also linked a few other cute options that will look great on any coffee table.

- Walks - the basic b^tch I am needs my personal space. I identify as an ambivert, so I love socializing and being around others, but to recharge I need to be by myself. Since we cant really go anywhere that leaves me pretty limited on what I can and cant do to get alone time. To be honest, even working-out in the basement, someone will probably come down for laundry, workout or whatever. So, going on walks is my guaranteed alone time. Now, I will either take the dog on a little walk or go for a longer walk myself. If its the dog and I, we just walk in silence. If I am walking by myself, I will walk in silence for a bit, then either listen to music or a podcast or call a friend to catch up!

- Working out - I have been a serious athlete my entire life, working out has always been a way for me to relieve stress. The first few weeks were super slow for me to get into a groove but I am thrilled I found it. During the week I have been getting up early and heading to the basement to workout. I have been rotating between Spin ->bootcamp ->yoga! It has been a good mix of things especially on the OnePeleton App! I personally, need to follow a class or I'll slack off. So, all of the different class options they offer has been amazing and such a great way for me to get bit of the stress out! I highly recommend switching up your workouts to not get bored, the different classes have been such a lifesaver.

- DIY Jeans - Scrolling through Instagram, one of my favorite past times, I stumbled upon this photo. Not only did I think the shoes are to die-for and immediately need them, but the jeans are so casual yet elegant!

I have an old pair of Levis with me that I could give it a try on. Now, I know myself and know I'll get frustrated for not doing it as perfectly as that plus, I don't have beads like that. So, as a first step I wanted to get some faux pearls to sew onto my jeans. I havent yet done this, but I've put a lot of time into thinking what I'm going to do and I think i'm going to decorate the cuff of the jeans. TBD, but I will keep ya posted.

- Coloring - Well, we know I'm a housewives addict so why not try some housewives of NYC coloring action. I found this coloring book on Etsy. Honestly, it cracks me up more than anything else. I have linked a few additional options for coloring books and colored pencils in the photos below.

- Puzzles - Well, I'm not so much doing the puzzles... I am sitting at the dining room table working or organizing the puzzle pieces while my mom does the puzzle. She has been moving on these puzzles and I do not want to get in the way! So far we have been tracking at about a new puzzle every two weeks. I know there are a lot sold-out online so if you don't have a ton laying around like we do, you can go to Shapfish or Shutterfly and order a custom puzzle with a photo on it! They usually have some great deals so make sure you search for coupons before checking out!

- Podcast - Yes yes yes, Ive been listening to my classics like Taste of Taylor, The Bitch Bible, Breaking Beauty, Serial Killers, Naked, Second Life, Straight up with Stassi & The Skinny Confidential. Ive always toyed around with the idea of starting my own podcast and have had a ton of encouragement from friends so I finally did! It is called Cubicle to CEO Chic, you can find it on Spotify, Google Podcasts & more! Go ahead and give it a follow and listen, I promise you wont be disappointed.

- Lists - I have always been a huge fan of lists. So, since we cant actively really do anything right now. I'v been making Amazon lists by category. I have also started a lis of things I want to get for my apartment, travel, summer plans, and so much more! It's kept a bit of hope going for me.

What have you been doing with your spare time?

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