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January 2021 Goals - Recap!

Well, I can not believe we are at January of 2021. I can not tell if 2020 flew by or crawled, regardless it's a new year and time to build towards some larger goals. As you may have seen, I have laid out my 2021 goals, now it's all about building towards them little by little.

Woof okay January here we go!

Habit tracker, I wanted to follow this so badly and kick its booty. I ended up going down to Florida and not taking my planner down with me. I ended up taking the notes in another planner but I hit everything this month minus weighing myself everyday...

Dry January, I try to do this every year. I think its a nice little way to kickstart the year. This year, was not so successful. I ended up having so much fun with the girls so DJ did not happen, this is going to be a February thing for me.

Workouts, gosh, working-out has been such a struggle for me lately and I wanted to do four workouts a week. I am happy to report, I did 4 or 5 workouts a week this month!

Cooking, I wanted to try a new recipe every week this month. That didn't happen since i went down to Florida with the girls so we shared cooking responsibilities and went out to dinner a few times.

The workouts and cooking are helping me with a few things in my larger goals. They are helping get me towards my "fit" goal as well as feeling more confident and comfortable with myself.

Duolingo, thats right I'm attempting to relearn french. I have never been good with languages but I want to give it a shot. I ended up doing at least 20 minutes of Duolingo every single day! Looks like manifesting that romantic trip to France in 2021 just got a bit closer.

Skillshare, I am so mad at myself for not doing my Skillshare class this month. Being down in Florida really got away from me so I'll do two next month.

Looks like next month is going to be pretty strict... What did you work on this month?

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