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January 2022 Goals!

Another year, am I right? It is really crazy how quickly the years fly by as we get older. I did an overall 2022 post on my goals and intentions I set for the year. This is the first month of the year and it's time to start off strong! I have a few micro goals set out for the month that are going to help me with my overall goals for the year!

Habit tracker, I love my habit tracker from Cloth & Paper. I think its great that you can list out four different things you are targeting to track them every day! This month I am tracking my water intake, mood, weight and workouts. It is important to me to try and keep track of all of these things each day to not only hold me accountable but also help me understand some of my habits.

  • Water intake: I want to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. I even have a great water-bottle to do it from! Drinking more water will help with many things including curbing hunger, clearing up skin and so much more!

  • Track my mood: each day I am going to put a little face on how I feel that day. I used to try and have a good day everyday and that is just unrealistic. I think this will help show me when I need to snap myself out of a slump earlier.

  • Weight: this I agree is not the healthiest of tactics and it should be how I feel and not what I weight. I am well aware that I need to put energy into getting that number down for my health.

  • Workouts: I love tracking my workouts. It always makes me feel so good to see what I did to move. It is great motivation as well as a reminder to get my booty going!

Sooner rather than later (hopefully) these will just be a part of my daily routine.

Wellness, this month I am going to cleanse and take great care of myself, physically and emotionally. I am going to:

  • Move for 30 minutes a day.

  • Set my intentions at the beginning of each day

  • Set one day a week to do a face mask and take a bath

  • Practice patience with myself and others

This is going to start getting me into the habit of doing these things as well as add some others to the routine!

Love, I hope this doesn't jinx it but I am finally in a loving happy relationship! It is a bit tricky to balance spending enough quality time with him and being present in the time when work is so crazy right now! This month I want to be sure I am being present and thoughtful not only with him but also my friends!

Finances, this month I am going to set up an Albert fund to put aside $125 each week as wel las map out my monthly spending. Using Albert is a great way to have your spending looked at as well as save and not even think about it!

What are some of your goals this month?

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