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Love Wellness

As you know (or not) I have been on a pretty serious fitness journey lately. I just want to get myself in gear and just start feeling good again. I noticed that I was having some gut issues, feeling super bloated and a few other things. I started looking into different supplements I could be taking, lets be real, I was mostly looking at fiber supplements.

I had read some really great reviews and testimonials on LOVE WELLNESS so I went to go check it out. Overall I literally read good reviews, negative reviews, product descriptions, probably everything I could about the brand. I ended up getting two different things from them. The Metabolove and the Bloating Kit, both had great testimonials and I was so excited to get them. I have been using Love Wellness products for three months now and let me tell you, it is worth it!

First let's talk about the Metabolove, this peaked my interests for a few reasons. Overall its supposed to boost energy and fight food cravings. This is huge for me! I don't know what it is but I always feel peckish, granted, I probably could just not snack because I'm probably snacking out of boredom. I never feel jittery after taking this, which is great because its made from green tea extracts to help boost energy and support your metabolism through stress, diet, and hormonal changes. I have noticed I do not get the urge to just snack all day like I used to Even if I get that urge, its much easier to think "am I hungry or bored" and realize I'm just looking for something to do. Please keep in mind, everyones body is different and Love Wellness says that it could take from 2-6 weeks to start seeing differences. Make sure you are taking the two pills every day, I take them with my morning smoothie!

The Bloating Kit, has three different supplements and is designed to keep bloating away. Bloating, as a female, blows... am I right? I must say though this kit I have felt less bloated, looked less bloated and been more um, regular.

The kit comes with:

  1. Sparkle Fiber - Fiber is amazing for you and your gut! It not only helps you feel fuller longer, removes toxins from the body for glowing skin and can possibly give you a boost of energy. One thing that people always forget, is that if you take fiber and not enough water it wont work. Make sure you are staying super hydrated while you are taking fiber supplements. I, in no surprise, take three with my morning smoothie. Love Wellness recommends taking one pill the first two days, two pills the second two days then reaching the full three pills after that, it will help ease your body into the supplements!

  2. Bye Bye Bloat - It is made with organic ginger, organic dandelion root, organic fenugreek, and digestive enzymes. This is designed to help get rid of water weight, aids the digestive system, and tackles hormonal and food-related bloating. You know chugging is amazing for your skin and body but can cause us to hold water weight, these will help with that. I take two every morning with my smoothie. You can open up the capsules into a smoothie or take one before/after a meal (do not take more than four in a day!

  3. Good Girl Probiotics - These may seem unexpected to be in an anti-bloating kit, but trust me, they are magical. I don't know about you but at different times of the month, downstairs can be a bit finicky. Good Girl Probiotics throws that worry away. It maintains a balanced vaginal pH, and healthy levels of vaginal yeast and bacteria. Overall it supports reproductive health organs, the gut, and the immune system. This is the pill that I didn't know I needed in my life. LW suggests taking two pills a day, I take them daily with my morning smoothie.

Overall, I highly recommend these specific products and I'm sure all other Love Wellness goodies are just as amazing. Make sure you use the link here to get a discount and sign up for their club to keep getting some great benefits!

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