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Makeup Routine - Quarantine Edition

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

I am not sure about you, during quarantine I think I have had more facetime with my coworkers than when we are in the office... As a company, we have decided to keep video cameras on during meetings. At first, I was a little put off by that then realized how much easier it is to focus on the conversation at hand when you can actually look at the person who is talking. That being said, you don't (well I certainly don't but to each their own) want to look like a total hot mess on camera with my colleagues. I absolutely adore my makeup set up at my apartment and it really stinks to not have the same set up. Even though I do have the same makeup, I have slimmed down what I put on every day.

The above is how I have my products laid out for the time being and for easy access when I'm getting ready in the AM (see my new daily routine here). By no means is that all of my makeup and I actually don't actually even use all of what I have laid out. Recently I have been doing the following:

- Nars concealer in Honey on my under eyes. I have naturally dark circles under my eyes so I need to be sure those are covered up as much as possible. It'll help me look less tired, especially since Ive been trying to wear my glasses and not contacts.

- Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow, this is something I usually throw ontop of my light liquid foundation. I think it does a great job at adding some glow to your skin!

- Nars Orgasm Blush, this is something I usually don't leave the house without. Quarantine or not, I will always do my brows and throw on a little of this blush. It adds a bit of color to the face as well as a bit of a shimmer for a highlight.

Nars blush

- Cle de peu highlighter, I saw this when it came out a few years ago, it is expensive but I have almost had it for two years and it not only has held up but it also has a ton of product left. There are a few different shades to pick form for this product. I add a bit to my nose, high cheek bone & then right below my eyebrows. It does a nice job at setting an easy natural glow.

- Hourglass Brow Sculpting Pencil, I flipped over to this brow pencil a few months ago and couldn't be happier. I use the shade warm blonde, but they have so many to choose from. I use the brush part to brush up my eyebrows and for my eyelashes. The actual pencil is a great thickness and shape to be precise yet give a good amount of coverage.

- Anastasia brow gel, I don't always use this since I keep my glasses on most of the day but I just use the clear to ensure the brows stay in place.

Those few products do a good job at minimal coverage that does a great job for the endless Zoom meetings and Google Hangouts. I have been trying to keep it light and just let my skin breathe during this time.

I normally also use a few other things, like foundation, bronzer, mascara & setting spray. Ill do a post soon on my non-quarantine makeup...

Brushes: I always get a lot of questions about my brushes, these are a bit of a higher price point but brands like ELF offer the same great quality for a much more affordable price. I happen to have these for a few years & take good care of them now so I wanted to invest in some good brushes so here are the ones I'm using in the quarantine low looks:

- Nars Contour Brush (the angled one) - I use this for my blush, I think its a nice and easy application.

- Nars Yachiyo Kabuki Brush (the puffy bristles with skinny handle) this I use for the hi-lighter, it picks up a nice amount of product to dab along the nose and cheek bones.

- Nars Brow Brush, I use this with hi-lighter for under my brow arches.

Sometimes as a finishing touch I'll dab on the Nars Orgasm balm to add some color or the LaNeige berry balm for some shine and moisture. Honestly, I have no idea if no one even notices... I just know I am justifying not putting mascara on because I am keeping my glasses on and mascara is expensive!

Are you guys still wearing makeup?

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