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ManiMe Stick-on Gel Manicure don't know about you but I love having my nails done. In quarantine I went through taking off the salon gel, letting my nails grow out and get healthy again, trying to paint my own nails, oh I've tried it all. I saw ManiMe on my Instagram a few months ago, I went all the way of taking photos of my nails, adding items to my cart but I never hit purchase.

Just before Memorial Day, I decided to go ahead and give it a whirl and order some ManiMe nails, whats the worst that happens. So I ordered these three sets:

Turns out, they delivered super fast, the directions are super easy and I didn't have any issues applying them (which is shocking). The nails are printed based off of the photos you send in so the photos need to be as accurate to what they are asking for as possible. The nails come in these cute little packets clearly marked with each hand and 5 extra nails just incase you make a mistake. Here is the video they recommend watching if you aren't sure how to apply the nails.

Overall, it took about ten minutes to apply the nails to my hands. make sure your nails are super clan, already files and there is no lotion on. All you have to do, is go one hand at a time (I suggest doing it on a table so you can easily line up and place the polish on). I did my left hand first, from thumb to pinky, placed each nail on then used the provided file and filed down per direction. Once that was done, I repeated on my right hand and didn't get my hands wet for 45 minutes post application. I was floored at how easy it actually was to apply these. To remove them, soak your hands in warm water for two minutes and they peel right off.

I ended up using some of the extra nails as replacement about a week into having the Venus shell on. Three of the nails were peeling up front the front based off of just life and washing dishes and stuff. It was really easy to be able to go ahead peel off the existing nails, wash and be able to reapply. The biggest mistake I made in all of this was not placing the hand on a flat table as I was applying the nails. When I first filed the nails, I ended up having a teeny tiny bit of nail exposed at the tip, I actually think it helped keep the nails on as long as they have been on.

I made a super awkward IGTV & Facebook video of myself applying the nails go check it out if you want a good laugh and here is a $5 off your first ManiMe order! Its the next bets thing to actually going to the nail salon. I actually may be using these for a while after the salons open, but I will be needing to get my toes done ASAP.

Let me know what you guys think!

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