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Mary Ruths Organic Collagen Boosting Gummies

Who isn't concerned about their health, hair, nails and skin at this point? Well, since I have been trying to put clean things into my body, I thought Id give Mary Ruth's Organics another try. I know there have been soooo many pushes for a ton of liquid and powder collagen boosters all over the internet, I swear, these are to DIE for. Plus just put them with your daily vitamin (I use Ritual Vitamins) to be sure you take three each day!

These are great. I literally pop 3 every morning after I take my Ritual Vitamins and since each bottle is a monthly supply, you can set up the auto reorder so you don't forget! Overall, this isn't a collagen supplement but it is a collagen booster. The gummies are Non-GMO, vegan, sugar free and gluten free.

Yeah, so they are free of a lot of things, so what does that leave and what product benefits are there? Well, the gummy contains necessary nutrients to promote collagen production: L-lysine, Amla fruit, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. From using it I have noticed, thicker lashes, firmer skin and I think my hair is shinier.

I havent been let down by Mary Ruth's Organics yet!

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