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Monster Cycle

Sweat 7/10: I have to be honest, I just was not in the mood to workout the day I did this class. I sweat a bit but not enough to totally soak my shirt and hair with sweat. It is what you make of it, sit and spin your little heart out with no weights if you want or follow the instructor. I'd suggest following the instructor to get the most out of all the different muscle groups.

Sports Bra level 7/10: I mean come on, it's a spin class, there will ultimately be some ups, downs and bouncing. You need to be 100% sure the girls will stay in place.

Cardio level: After all, it's a spin class so the cardio portion should be a 10/10 but it is what you make of it for the day. Depending on how hard you want to push yourself is how hard it will be. I don't like that there aren't monitors in-front of the bike to be able to see the RPM and the "work" I am putting in.

instructor 9/10: She was super nice and motivating but I wish we did some more ab work. She did a great job making sure that

Overall Vibe 8/10: It wasn’t particularly for me but the vibe did get Across. It is a soul cycle but badass. The studio is in an old church (Limelight on 6th and 20th) so it cues a lot of the gothic features of the studio itself. I enjoyed it, I thought the music videos playing during the class, it was a good distracting element. Overall, I would go back for a good playlist!

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