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Moving Hacks!

I'm not going to lie, a big reason I put off moving for so long was because I didn't want to deal with the packing and logistics of packing up my life. I know some people have no problems moving, they like packing, getting rid of things and everything else that comes with moving. I am a nester, I like hanging photos, having everything in its place and really making my rentals feel like home.

I had a hard time wrapping my head around packing up my life, especially since Ive been here for over two years. I had photos up, plants all over and honestly probably a few things I should've thrown out a while ago. I knew I had time so I wanted to try to make sure I was doing the best job packing I could...

Now, some things were easier to figure out how to pack than others. For example, my workout clothes are already in containers so all I did was use shrink wrap to be able to make sure nothing fell out. I ended up taking my hanging items and putting them in wardrobe boxes. It was the absolute easiest thing to do, especially since I have a TON of hanging things. Overall, I ended up shoving a decorative pillow at the bottom of the wardrobe boxes so I didn't have to pack it elsewhere. Normally, movers will give you boxes but I hired inexpensive movers so I ordered these from Amazon and they were way less expensive than if it was from Home Depot.

I also ended up taking the clothes that were in my dresser (Jeans & tops you know the usual stuff) and throwing them in suitcases! It helps make sure you are using some space and lets you use boxes for other things!

Delicates are always a tough call for how to pack, if you have the original box they came in (for glasses) then repack them up in those boxes. Otherwise, use extra dishtowels, regular towels or t-shirts. If you are being fancy get some packing paper and wrap em' up! I normally throw vases and things randomly in with other packing things. Don't forget to literally label everything!

Anything you are planning on needing pretty quickly after moving, bedding, towels & stuff. Pack in either a duffle or I put it all in a super oversized tote so I could carry that right into my place and know where it is.

Any electronics and valuables, keep them with you!!! I can not stress the importance of this but you need to be able to access them quickly& cleaning supplies you will need right away, put in a tote bag so you can carry it in before the movers and get cleaning!

Day of move. have everything ready in a room thats super easy for the movers to access. You don't want to waste time with them going in and out of rooms!

Last but not least, dealing with a moving quotes. Movers have a super bad reputation which is unfortunate since they are so necessary. That being said, the reputation is likely because they have multiple different crews so it's not like its the same crew for each time. What I would recommend is getting a mass quote from a bunch of places (you can do this on Angies list and by googling moving companies in the area). What I did was took a photo of all of the "big" itmes to move (bar cart, couch, dresser) put them in a PowerPoint with the dimensions so they could see how big they'd be and added in "I think i'll have about 10 boxes'. Honestly, underestimate by a bit because it wont take too much longer to move everything. Make sure you read each quote carefully, how long they estimate for, possible additional charges, will they take apart and reassemble the bed for you? All good things to ask. Once you are settled on a few, don't be afraid to ask questions and look on the BBB for reviews!

Really last but not least, these are hard working guys, make sure you tip them if you feel they did a good job!

here are a few products I found super helpful in the move!

What hacks do you have?

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