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Nasty Gal Order

I have known about Nasty Gal for years but never ordered from them. I never thought their clothes would be flattering on me, and they might not be, we'll find out. A while ago I saw they were having a 60% off sale so I may have taken advantage of it...

I am going to go through each item I ordered, my delusional thought process between why I did it, if I think I'll return it and if I actually returned it. The link for all products, sizing and pricing info is all in the product photo. I also have some more photos from the try on all the way at the bottom of the post!

Nude, Let's be clear Heel. I love a simple shoe, well, I love all shoes. I have a pair of a bit more expsnsive clear heels and I wanted another pair that I can end up wearing on a more regular basis and not feel bad if they get ruined. I got them in a size 8 since they only come in full sizes. These, I have a feeling I may return. I may return them because it turns out the heel hight is 4", thats not something Ill want to walk around in unless its super freaking comfortable. If I do have to return them, I may get another inexpensive pair of clear heels, I feel like I need that in my life.

Try on results: ordered a size 8, unfortunately I will be returning these. They aren't super comfortable or sturdy. Im afraid they'll snap while I'm out and about.

A Crew Lease of Life High Neck Bodysuit, You can never go wrong with a black bodysuit. I think they are great year round and go with so many things. I love that this looks like its high necked so there it'll be easy to transition from work to drinks.

Try on results: Ordered a size 4. Keeping this! I think its super cute and functional. It snaps closed at the bottom and is super soft! Plus a black bodysuit can go with almost anything,

Take Your Lace Open Back High-Leg Bodysuit, this is a bit on the sassier side and a bit out of my comfort zone. I typically wouldn't wear a see through anything because I'm not particularly confident. I hope it comes with the built in nude cami. It has an open back and if it has the nude cami under it I think it will be so cute to wear for dinner or drinks on a date with the girls!

Try on results: Ordered a size Large. I was a bit worried the large would be too long on my torso since I have a short torso. Unfortunately I'm returning this. I wanted to like it a lot but after putting it on my boobs were fitting weird in it and didnt feel super comfortable in this.

Blue Houndstooth Our Happy Place Bandeau Bikini Set, I am always super hesitant to order "sets" when it comes to bathing suits. I normally need a bigger top and a small bottom. I really am keeping my fingers crossed both pieces of it will fit and look cute! I am a bit worried the bottom will be too big and the top wont fit...

Try on results: Ordered a size 8. This is another one I really wanted to like. I almost convinced myself to keep it but at the end of the day, it didn't fit my boobs. Id have half a tit hanging out and we don't need that. I also want to point out the lighter check is more of a tan color.

Name Drop Mini Tee Dress, Tell me, who doesnt need a simple black mini-tee dress? I love the idea of a t-shirt dress and love the little ruffle at the bottom. I really hope it isn't too short or tight (I still am working on getting rid of my pooch)! If it works I think it'll be a great little dress for the summer

Try on results: Ordered a Small. I loved this dress. My only minor complaint is that the head hole is a bit small. I think this will be soooo stinking cute all summer.

Spotty Check Satin Midi Skirt, midi skirts are all the rage again this year. I am not sure how Nasty Gal sizes so this could either fit like a glove or not. I do worry about it being a bit hot but we shall see I'm about 50/50 thinking I'll return it.

Try on results: Ordered size 6, Keeping this! To be honest its not super flattering on my pooch but Im working on that. Plus there are a ton of ways to style this in the summer and into the fall.

Vinyl Pink Bubblegum Mini Skirt, I saw this skirt and immediately fell in love. I saw myself wearing this out with the girls or on a date with cute booties or sneakers and a simple t-shirt. I hope this fits! It would be so fun!

Try on results: Ordered size 8. I honestly am really back and forth about this. I ultimately decided to keep it because well, its cute, its fun and worst case scenario I wear it for Halloween. My only complaint is that it is a bit toasty in the skirt and you must choose your undies (if you want to wear them) carefully so you don't show panty lines.

Going Bow Polka Dot Crop Top, I actually ordered this by accident. I was placing the order on my phone and though I hit delete on this before ordering... Now that its coming, it has potential to be paired with jeans or jean shorts and cute jewelry. Normally, crop tops on me are normal tops as long as I order a size up since I need to account for my boobs in my short torso.

Try on results: Ordered size 6. Returning this. It was too tight around my chest to zip up. The material was also pretty itchy.

Organza Oversized Puff Sleeve T-shirt, aging, another simple classic here. I love a white or black tee with a bit of an accent and thats exactly what this is. The puff sleeve is a great plus up to a simple outfit. Paired with jeans or a skirt and some cute shoes you are good to go! I am a bit worried its going to be a bit too big, hopefully it can work!

Try on results: Ordered size 8 (could've sized to a 6). Keeping this. It does need to be washed to get the wrinkles out before I wear it but its a fun playful shirt to add to any outfit. The only bummer is that the sleeve is a bit itchy.

We Want Roar Leopard Ringer Tee, This is another one I saw and fell in love with. I think it's a great simple tee with a twist. I can't wait to wear it and I really hope that it fits and isn't too big!

Try on results: Ordered size 8. Keeping this, should've sized down but now its an oversized tee and I love it. It is so cray soft too!

Coming Balloon Sleeve Oversized Sweashirt,

I just thought this was really cute, I love an oversized sweatshirt and the balloon sleeve is super in right now. It could be paired with jeans and cute shoes for the office, or with leggings for a post workout look. I don't know the Nasty Gal sizing but I hope it isn't too big!

Try on results, Ordered size Large. I wanted to like this a lot, unfortunately it was stiff and I wasn't super vibing with it. I think I need a smaller chest to pull this off or something, it could be super cute!

What a Pearl Wants Knit Shorts Lounge Set, a cute fluffy lounge set, how can you go wrong? I know it's getting warmer now, but in the fall this is going to be perfect to relax in the fall and even throw on for a zoom meeting. Its also a great color, for the season and it looks great on. I can see it also being super cute for chilly fall or summer nights!

Try on results: Ordered size medium. I was really torn about this. I thought it was super soft which I love. Thinking more about it, I realized this is just a fad now and once its time to actually wear this set I'll forget about it or wont want to. I also thought it blended into my skin tone a bit too well.

Get Straight to It Top and Wide-Leg Pants Set, Im not entirely sure what I was thinking with this one. I have a pooch and a sort torso so I cant really see this working. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised and I can wear it with the clear heels. Plus, if I get to where I want to be this and the bikini could be great for the summer and fall!

Try on results: Ordered size Medium. This never showed up in my order...

Sweater Weather Cropped Sweatshirt and Joggers Set, Sorry, saw this set and had to have it. I have zero joggers, for some reason I only have pajamas and leggings. I know its getting warmer but just wearing the pants or the top will be super cute! Come chillier weather it'll be great to lounge around in or go to get my nails done!

Try on results: Ordered size medium. This is another thing I really wanted to like. The top is fine, the bottoms fit really weird. I know I have a short torso but they looked more like drop crotch pants than anything.

The overall ordering process with NastyGal was interesting. I clearly was enticed by the fact that they were having a sale and some influencers do find super cute things. I do have to remember when ordering from these sites that they aren't cut for curvier girls so order a size up. It also took almost three weeks for the order to arrive, this may have been a FedEx issue because it kept showing that it was held up. When I went to go return the items, I didn't realize I had to pay $4 to ship everything back per order and I had some issues getting in-touch with the company to let them know an item was missing from my order. I probably will order from them again because it was pretty inexpensive. Here are some photos of the items Im keeping from the order. Please excuse the wrinkles, I just took them out of the bag.

Have you ordered from Nasty Gal? What are your thoughts...

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