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Nasty Gal Round 2

So I caved and got some more goodies from NastyGal. Now this time I went in with a different mindset... Since I find their return process insanely annoying (you have to pay to return it, one of my two last returns is lost so I wont get refunded for that). I wanted to be sure I was getting things that if I don't like them, I'm okay tossing them. Yes, I realize that sounds absolutely INSANE however, I only shopped in their 50% off sale and had a 20% off coupon at checkout. As always I have linked everything and noted the sizing plus how I thought it fit. Pics of me in the pics are at the end! This time I got:

Lace Bodysuit in Sheer Mesh with Scallop Detailing

This I honestly have NO idea if its going to fit. I think it could be so cute with jeans and a jacket or sweater if I ever lose those extra few pounds. I can see it being super fun to wear on a date or out with the girls but let's see. I ordered a size Medium (to fit my short torso) It is listed for $34 and I got it for $9.60.

Review: This is super cute! TBH I don't have the balls or the body right now to wear it out in public. Well, maybe for a fun girls night or a date with a guy I've known for quite some time. I 100% will need tape to keep from any slips from happening. Other than that, it is super comfey and I want to wear it soon!

That's How We Roll Cable Knit Sweater

I'm sorry, who doesn't need another great black sweater. Everyone in the NYC does thats for sure. This was just a classic sweater that will look cute with so many things (especially on video chats). It will be great for work or a casual cozy night out. I can already picture myself on a date drinking red wine in this. I ordered a size Medium, it is normally $50 but I got it for $25.

Review: Full on obsessed with this! It is super comfortable, I love how it fits and how it can be worn with any color jean. Very excited to add this to my rotation of things to wear when the weather gets cold. I'd wear it to work or honestly even out for the night if we are ever allowed to do that again!

You Gave Love a Pad Name Relaxed Top

Yes, another black top but can you really ever have too many? This is another piece that will be perfect for work or a night out. I like the shoulder details as an added pop. I ordered a size 4, this is normally listed for $34 but I got it for $17.

Review: This is the hero piece of my order! It is so cute, easy to pair with so many different things and the shoulders are just enough of a power thing without them being obnoxious.

Rib Ringer Leopard Tee

Thats right, the same tee I have in white but this time I got it in black. It is super soft, simple and I love the little detailing on the hems. I ordered a size 4, this is normally listed for $25 but I got it for $4.80, it really was a no brainer.

Review: I mean I knew before I got this in that I was keeping it. I already have the white one so this was a no brainer to have as a great tee.

Work Together Sweater and Pleated Jogger Set

Did I need this? Absolutely not, but I got it anyway. I'm sorry, jogger sets are all the rage right now so why not. Plus its black so it goes with my winter color scheme. I am a bit worried that the pants are going to be too high waisted BUT even if thats the case I can just keep the top and toss the pants. I ordered a size 4 in this set (and the sizing on these could really go either way), it normally is $50 but I got it for $16.

Review: Surprised at how much I like this. I was super skeptical about it at first because sets are always hard. The pants fit decently well, I wont wear them out of the house and thats fine. The top is a comfey lightweight sweatshirt material.

Puff Shoulder Faux Leather Shirt

This is one item that I really hope fits my chest. I think it will be so fun for dates come this fall, especially since I have paused my Rent The Runway subscription I can def use a cool top to wear with jeans. I ordered a size 4, normally it is listed for $95 but I got it for $11.20.

Review: I had really high hopes for this even though I know I shouldn't have. I think it is best suited for flatter chested and less curvey girls. Im going to try and make it work with a few different outfits!

You Gave Love a Pad Name Relaxed Top

Simple white long sleeved tee with a bit of attitude with the shoulder pads! I feel like since I'm stuck behind a computer all day I might as well look cute! I ordered the white one in a size 6, typically it is $34 but I got it for $9!

Review: Honestly disappointed with this. I think if I didn't get white it woudl be fine. you can easily see through the shirt to the shoulder pads. Im going to take them out and see how it works.

Pics from the try on!

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