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New Bed!

When I first moved out of my parents house, I decided to get a full sized bed. This was mostly because I wasn't thinking, I grew up with a full sized bed, I had super soft sheets all ready to be used and beds are expensive. I've had this current mattress for about 4 years now and it was an expensive mattress!

I finally decided that I'm going to change it up. My mattress was not holding up the way it should have, I have flipped it, sleep on different parts of it, you name it and it really was not holding up. So, I was annoyed, disappointed and wanted to be sure I was getting a good deal this time. I ended up going on Mattress Firm's website, taking the sleeper quiz, talking to an actual person. They recommended getting a hybrid mattress instead of an all gel/foam one. It will hold up better over time and stay nice and firm.

Overall, I got a Serta iSeries 2000 Hybrid Firm mattress. Getting a mattress without "trying" it out first is always interesting, at the same time, how do you really know if you like a mattress after laying on in in the store. You don't, but I can tell yo, after laying on this for two weeks now, I am so happy with it. The mattress protector I got is a great texture, protective and of the best ones Mattressfirm offers! Of course I also got a box spring and bed frame to go with it. This mattress is absolute luxury and I am so happy. Aside from this being nice and firm & cooling but I love the extra space I have in the bed, again, hopefully manifesting a nice attractive man to share it with soon LOL.

I also ended up getting new pillows. I adore the existing pillows I have. I think they are wildly comfortable but I wanted another option as well. I ended up getting the Tempur Pedic pillows... They are expensive but hey, you cant really sacrifice comfort while sleeping. The pillows are great, nice, firm and cooling. A lot of nights I end up stacking my existing pillow onto of the Tempur-Pedic one! Speaking of comfort, I ended up getting the same exact sheets I had for my other bed. They are buttery soft and nice and cool to the touch. They are from Macys and called the Charter Club Damask Sheet set. Thankfully I got two different sets on sale, I refuse to buy sheets full price. They have over 2,000 reviews and have over four stars! I highly recommend them for any size bed, they only get softer with time!

yep, I messed up the self timer.
Bed + me

Anyway, now that I could literally stay in my comfey cozy bed all day, lets talk about a few of the extras on my bed. Everything is linked below to the exact or a similar product to snag!

Headboard - Wayfair

Decorative Sham - Home Goods

Fringe Pillow - Perri Home

Duvet cover - Trina Turk

Dust Ruffle - Amazon

Bench - Overstock

How do you make your bed as cozy as possible?

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