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New Biz Checklist

Alright, it's January so everyone is aggressively going after their goals and side hustles. Between the new year and quarantine I'm sure you have thought about starting a new business or legitimizing your side hustle, am I right? Well, I know how overwhelming it can be so I pulled together a few key things to keep in mind!

First you don't need to have the 5 year business plan lined up. I know how overwhelming it can be to start something new. Take it step by step and you can continue to build, grow and flex what you are looking to do after you launch. Quite simply, just start, the rest will fall into place.

A few things that I had when I was first starting out, the name Cubicle to CEO Chic, what I wanted to do, and a bit of a dream.

Next, I suggest checking all the names you are looking to use are available for a website, instagram, Etsy, Pinterest, email and any other type of account you may need! You don't want to kick things off then not be able to have a consistent name across all platforms.

I started off just on instagram, it is a free platform so before investing any money into it, I wanted to see how engaged I was in my side hustle. Turns out, it was an amazing platform for me to really explore and be creative.

My next step was to set up a website! I decided to use WIX as my hosting platform, its about $200 for the year to own your domain name as well as use all of their features. It is easy to use, organized and I love that it has tracking statistics. At first, I used their own logo maker to get the logo. Eventually I used an amazing illustrator I found on Instagram to




biz cards (maybe



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