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November 2020 Goals

Well, I can not believe how fast October flew by, today is the first day of November and its time to layout a few goals for this month!

First lets start with continuing some goals so we can make them habits!

Habit Tracker, I want to be sure I am continuing to track my water intake, weight, reading and workouts. It is a great little tool to be sure I am tracking okay along with things. It is right in my face every day so it's almost impossible to not log. Granted, a lot of times I wanted to not log these things as embarrassment, i guess I should flip embarrassment into motivation.

Fasting, no no no, not just straight up fast myself. I want to get back into intermittent fasting. When I was only eating between noon and 8pm I felt so much better and I was much more on my game with dropping those pounds.

workout 4x a week, I know I said I'd do this last month but I didn't. This time I'm going to log it in my habit tracker but also post on IG stories to hold myself accountable...

Social one time a week, last month I was very good at this, almost too good at this. As the corona cases keep spiking and the weather gets colder I think its going to be a bit harder. Ontop of that, most of my friends have fled the area during the pandemic. To be honest, if I had a boyfriend, I'd count hanging out with him as my "being social", but I don't so here we are...

Continue not ordering food, this ends up saving so much money so I just want to continue with this. As much as I love supporting new businesses, I also need to be aware of my spending habits and this is one that can easily get out of control!

No drink alone, wow saying that makes me seem like a bit of an alcoholic doesn't it. I feel like everyone in quarantine has maybe drank too much or gotten into bad habits. Now I feel like its so easy to just roll from work to having a glass of wine at night while unwinding. I am making an effort to not sit in my apartment and have a glass of wine, instead I want to make sure when I am enjoying a glass its with a friend! This will also I'm sure save me money, not consume as many calories and hopefully help me be more productive!

One Skillshare class, last month I wanted to do two Skillshare classes. That, didn't happen now did it. So this month, since I have the week of Thanksgiving off there really is no excuse to not do one. PLUS I paid for the platform, my a** better start using it!

Finish my book, I started reading Fear Is Just a Four-Letter Word: How to Develop the Unstoppable Confidence to Own Any Room by Tracy Tutor (yes from Million Dollar Listing). It is something that is easy to read through, has amazing advice so there is no excuse to not finish it this month. I just need to make the time for it.

Heres to sticking to all of these this month!

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