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November 2020 Goals (Achieved or not)

I set off the month with quite a few goals, now lets talk through if I actually accomplished them or not...

Habit Tracker, tracking things can be such a blessing and a curse. To be honest, I am not particularly proud of where I am but I'm going to show you anyway. The amount of hydration I got, okay fine. However, I am definitely not proud of the workouts, reading and weight section. Oh well, I guess I can only go in a positive direction from here.

Fasting, no no no, not just straight up fast myself. I went back to intermittent fasting. When I was only eating between noon and 8pm I feel so much better and I was much more on my game with dropping those pounds. The first week I was not great with this, every other week I was much better and honestly feel so much better with that. Overall it is a great way to make sure I am not just constantly eating through the day.

workout 4x a week, gosh, when am I going to get my shit together!? I really need to tone up and get on a good page.

Week 1: Not great, I did an OBE class and went hiking.

Week 2: I went on a few walks but nothing that I needed to do

Week 3: I went on a few walks, did a few OBE classes and this is much more where I need to be.

Week 4: For whatever reason I decided to get into running this week. Ive tried to do this many times before... My mom is a big runner so she told me to start with a song of running and a song of walking, TBH it was still painful... Anyway, I "ran" twice this week and did three Obe classes so all good news!

Social one time a week, last month I was very good at this, almost too good at this. This month, things were a bit quitier with Thanksgiving coming up so soon. lets see,

Week 1: This was a very social week for me. Dan and I made dinner Monday. I went for drinks with my old HR lead on Wednesday (gave some hunky man my phone number). Thursday my old work wife and I got dinner. Saturday my friend Casey and I went hiking than drank lots of wine!

Week 2: This week was much more my speed! Dan and I made dinner Wednesday. Saturday Casey Carolyn and I drank too much, played games and saw Dan and his buddies.

Week 3: Wednesday my friend Meg (who lives in Wyoming) was in town, we went to Sorellina for dinner and drinks. Talk about an amazingly refreshing time. Sunday, Casey and I met up with her boss at the vineyards.

Week 4: Home with the family! It was wildly refreshing and fun! I did end up getting pizza with some girlfriends on Friday night and we had some really great laughs.

Continue not ordering food, this ends up saving so much money so I just want to continue with this. As much as I love supporting new businesses, I also need to be aware of my spending habits and this is one that can easily get out of control! Thankfully, I stuck to this one!

No drink alone, Well, this is another goal for next month as well. Overall I only had a glass of wine by myself once or twice but still, something I can easily cut out. I do also thing I was a bit more social than normal last month where booze was concerned. I do just want to cut down on the amount I drink in general.

One Skillshare class, I got this one in by the skin of my teeth on the Sunday after thanksgiving... I definitely need to do two next month.

Finish my book, I started reading Fear Is Just a Four-Letter Word: How to Develop the Unstoppable Confidence to Own Any Room by Tracy Tutor (yes from Million Dollar Listing). Guess what, this month I actually finished it! Overall it was a great book. It was easy to read and overall was a lot of common sense but was easy advice to follow. I highly recommend.

Overall it was an okay month, I did get a little down on myself about a few thing but hey, thats life and its time to pick myself up and actually do something about it!

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