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October 2021 Goals

Heading into Q4 of the year with my head held high and motivated AF. Heading into the last three months of the year is scary, wild and amazing all in one. This year was supposed to be year of Jess and to some extent it was, now it's time to turn it up and amplify year of Jess in these last three months.

What do I want to do this month? Well, a lot of it ladders up to what I wanted my overall year to be but adding some additional details.

Habit Tracker, yes this is still going strong. I not only need to action these things but actually record it! What am I looking to do this month? Drink 8 glasses of water a day, work on Cubicle to CEO Chic for 30 minutes a day, drop 5 pounds and workout 5 times a week!

8 glasses of water a

Post on time, I havent been the best at posting lately, in fact I've been horrific about it. I laid out 75% of the posts I want to do this month, I am going to post all of them the day I planned on it!

Manifest, I swear this works. You need to be positive and manifest specifics on what you are looking for in your life. It can be really hard to stay positive but I swear being positive and consistent with it will help. I write down every day in the notes section of my phone what I am manifesting and things I am thankful for. Every day this month I'm going to push forward with it!

Practice self love & putting myself first. It is so hard with everything going on these days but I (and you) need to work on putting myself first. Once a week, I need to chill, watch Bravo and do a face mask and relax. I can not be sitting working or socializing, it needs to be me time to recharge. Ontop of that, I need to be sure I am not people pleasing just to say yes, I need to think about things before I commit to them.

Finish a book, thats right, I have not finished a book in quite a while. Part of it is because I haven't read in forever I want to finish one boot this month. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Here we go, walking into Q4!

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