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October Abercrombie Haul

Here we go again! Another haul for another month but hey, a girl needs clothes that fit! Last month I did a first round of an Abercrombie Haul, most pieces worked and some didn't so I needed to keep restocking! Overall, i really like how Abercrombie has changed their look and feel, I also like that everything goes on sale so frequently! Let's talk what I got this round!

Lets start with some spicy numbers and head down to some basics! I saw these and figured why not give them a try and see what happens, especially since none of the pieces I ordered were shown on models...

Faux Leather Squareneck Top in a size Large (normally $45 and I got it for $36). This is so stinking cute, it can be worn with jeans or a skirt. It can also be worn with something to make it look a bit sexy or with a blazer, I just love how versatile it is!

When I got it and tried it on, and I needed to exchange it for an XL. It was honestly a little tight on my chest, I don't need to make it look like I was wearing a pushup bra. I do want it to be a cute sleek and slightly sassy top to wear!

Sweetheart Corset Top in a size XL (normally $45 and I got it for $36). I though this would be perfect for a nice little date night or a night out with the girls. I wanted to make sure it was comfortable and fit the girls so I did size up to a XL. Because I have a short torso I figured the crop would be okay, to continue to pair with jeans!

When I got it and tried it on, I was not a fan. I am not sure if it wasn't the right size or what the deal was but it was super wide around my armpits and wasn't the most flattering because it flared out like that. It totally had potential and maybe I'll try it again in a few months.

Scoopneck Corset Top in a size XL (normally $45 and I got it for $36). This top is actually what made me click into Abercrombie website and hit add to cart for this overall order. I love this warm brown color that I ordered but it comes in three other great colors. I figured it woudl be so cute with jeans and a leather jacket for a fun night out!

When I got it and tried it on, I was immediately obsessed with this. It is so cute, chic & flattering. The top is structured a bit so it will continue to give a bit of a corset top look and feel. It looks so amazing I can not wait to wear it out.

Wide Strap Slip Cami, in a Large (normally $35 and I got it for $16), this top comes in a bunch of really cute colors and patterns! It is a great classic black tank to use. Its a great piece you can dress up or dress down, toss on a funky jacket or a button down and leave it open. It is a top everyone should have.

When I tried it on, it was such a great classic black cami to wear. This is a great layering piece or to wear on its own.

Satin V-Neck Cami in a large (normally $40 and I got it for $31). I have this in the dusty rose from last month and am obsessed with it. This color is a nice icy blue and for sure can be work for a big chunk of the year! I wear the dusty rose one with jeans and a leather jacket and no jacket in the warmer weather.

When I tried it on, I loved it as much as I thought I would since I already have it in another color. I do love this color, it really compliments my eyes and skin tone. Plus it fits so well and is so flattering

Twist-Front Jumpsuit in a large (normally $79 and I got it for $28) in the the brown pattern. Jumpsuits are always hit or miss with me due to my short torso and curves. I am hoping this can be a great seasonal staple with booties and a leather jacket of sorts.

When I tried it on, I had high but delusional hopes for this. It has such great potential but my skintone was too close to it and the waist hit me a little oddly. Because the waist hit me weird it gave an odd drop-crotch. This totally depends on what your skin-tone is and how your body is shaped!

Last but not least, Eyelash Cropped Cardigan in a large (normally $59 and I got it for $30) in light blue. I am always a sucker for a light cream or light blue colored cozy sweater. It should be great open with a tank under it or buttoned up with jeans. No matter what it is super versatile, cute and very on trend!

When I put it on, I was immediately obsessed with it. It is so soft and cozy but the color is also to die for. Ive been wearing it open with a tank under it as well as closed with a tank hidden under it.

What is your favorite of all of these!?

Until next time,

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