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October Goals (Achieved, or not)

At the beginning of October I laid out a bunch of goals for myself...

Log in my habit Tracker. Well, this one was easy to do this month because I literally kept my planner open to that page every day. Granted, I still forgot to weigh myself every day but that happens. It definitely helped me drink more water because I was embarrassed to not drink enough and log it in the planner. The last few weeks I sort of ignored weighing myself and the workouts, which go hand in hand with being embarrassed about it.

Read at least one book. Honestly, work has been totally kicking my ass. I am bummed at myself to say that I hardly read this month. Next month I do want to finish my current book and at least start another one!

Do two SkillShare classes. MEEP, if I could insert a palm to face emoji... I totally would. I didn't do any and next month I 100% will.

Be social at least once a week. Okay let's recap the month. The first week I was VERY social (in my world)

  • Week 1: Thursday October 1, I literally went on a nice little park date with this guy named Phil. We met on Bumble, he seems nice so we shall see. Saturday, I drove up to Sparta NJ with a friend of mine and we hung-out at our friends lake house! It was the perfect day outside and we had so much fun! Sunday, I met up with one of my best friends in the city! We sat in Bryant park with our thermos of wine and chatted!

  • Week 2: Whew, who knew I was such a busy bee. I went over Phil's place and he made me dinner, I didn't see him again after I told him I wasn't looking for a one night stand. His loss. I walked to Jersey City to hangout with one of my coworkers at a dog park and I saw Carolyn again!

  • Week 3: I mean this month has been quite social for me overall. Let's see, this week I walked to my friend in Jersey City and hung out with her at the dog park. Thursday night I went out for drinks with a new guy. He was nice enough that we ended up meeting up with a few friends on Saturday and watching a movie Sunday. We will see whhere that one goes.

  • Week 4: well, yet again I was overly social, maybe I need to take next month off of being social haha. I had another dinner date with they guy from last week, FaceTimed with a friend and hung-out at the dog park. PLUS Saturday is Halloween and a small crew of my friends and I are going to grab drinks!

Workout 4x a week, Well, I mean how many am I supposed to do week one since the week started on a Thursday?

  • Week 1: Okay not a great start but oh well, I ended up doing a abs and booty class, yoga class as well as a walk during the first week. Not super strong but hey, getting there.

  • Week 2: Much better this week, I ended up walking a few times and doing two classes. It helps when I can walk to something as a goal instead of walk aimlessly. I need to do more classes next week.

  • Week 3: Not a great week for me...

  • Week 4: nope nope nope, I really need to get my shit together.

AB blaster program, LOL this one was a hard and fast fail. Thats okay, I at least started working out on a regular basis again so that was a start. Next month on the first I'll start doing abs every morning!

Don't order meals! This one wasn't super hard to do just took a bit more effort. I didn't want to order meals by myself. I was cool with ordering meals if it was with someone else but just not on my own. It ends up being a lot of money and I always end up overeating! I actually didn't end up ordering any takeout this month! I plan on trying to keep it up next month and maybe through the end of the year.

How did you do this month!?

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