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OleHenriksen Goodies!

About a 18 months ago I bought my first OleHenriksen product, it was the Cold Pore Plunge mask. I was so impressed at how the mask smelled, felt and how my skin reacted to it I needed to try more! Over time I added the Banana Bright Eye Cream to my collection as well as a few face washes. I noticed that Sephora wasn't carrying the foaming face wash I use every morning so I decided to head to their website. Once I saw that they had 15% off the first order I decided to restock as well as try some new goodies!

COLD PLUNGE PORE MASK $32.30: This is an old goodie of mine and my first ever Ole product. I try to do this once a week and each tube lasts over a year. This gives an immediate look of smaller pores but has longer lasting effects as well. It gives your skin an immediate chill feeling. The clay mask detoxifies, controls surface oil and reduces the look of pores. Ah the refreshing feeling of having your skin in balance.

Banana Bright Eye Crème $33.15: This is a favorite of mine, in-fact its one of the only eye creams that has ever shown results for those dark circles under my eyes. It brightens, hydrates and has collagen in it to help with fine lines as well as the dark circles. The "banana" is used to help color correct so you look well rested.

Lemonade Smoothing Scrub $27.20: So far I have only used this twice but really like it so far! You are supposed to use this two to three times a week and this scrub brings your dull skin back to life! in addition to lifting up dead skin cells, it has a lot of calming ingredients so you will come away glowing. The only downside to this scrub is the intense lemon smell.

UPLIFITING TRANSFORMATION EYE GEL $20.40: I have not tried this eye cream yet but am looking forward to it. I will be using this at night before I go to bed, I hope I wake up as refreshed and bright eyed as the product says I will. It does have a lot of firming and cooling elements in it. I hope between this and the Banana Bright eye cream I will be so bright eyed.

Truth Juice Daily Cleanser $23.80: I have not tried this yet either,I am hoping it replaces the vitamin c foaming cleanser I have been using every morning. It has will help get rid of nay impurities on my skin as well as help brighten and smooth out my skin to start the day!

Part of what I like about their website is that you can enter your email for 15% off your first purchase. In addition to that, you can go take a quiz based off of your skin concerns to see what products are right for you! If you are unsure about what products you are looking for, I'd recommend buying them from Sephora since Sephora offers a great return policy (I've returned products after using them for a week and getting a bad reaction).

Have you tried OleHenriksen yet?

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