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Organize the Fu¢% out of your life

Overall I absolutely am obsessed with being organized. I get thrown out of wack if my closet isn't organized so I 100% need my calendar organized. Between work, friends, working out, taking care of my self and Cubicle to CEO Chic, I have a lot going on. It got to a point where if it wasn't on my calendar, then I wasn't doing it. For the longest time I tried to be super cool and just have everything on my phone but that just wasn't working for me.

I went on the hunt for the perfect planner and I had some boxes that were non negotiable:

- Loop for pen.

- Ideally leather (bonus if I could monogram it).

- Custom interior (meaning I want to be able to pick and choose what I can fit in there) & I don't want to be stuck using one brand forever.

- It better be cute & chic.

So, after lots and lots of searching, I found a black leather agenda cover that hits all of the marks. It's black, I can add my initials to the inside and the rings line up with a bunch of different stationary insert options across many brands. The only downside is that its expensive so I still haven't pulled the trigger on it. Its the Louis Vuitton Medium Ring Agenda Cover

I do know if I decide to pull the trigger on this, I'll use it for years and years and years. PLUS it fits all of the Cloth & Paper items in the personal size. I did end up ordering a bunch of items from Cloth & Paper and can not wait for them to com in. Well, I guess I need an agenda cover to really set it up but for now I am excited to be able to start to get back into my organized life. From Cloth & Paper I ordered:

- Pink & Grey transparent dots: These will be perfect for marking off important dates. Since they are a few different colors, I can mark off when I'm going away, birthdays, special events and anything else.

- 2020 Year at a Glance: This will sit in-front of the calendar I have, quick and easy for reference.

- Weekly Insert: I love that these are lined (you can select non-lined ones as well) and the priority is set at the front of each week. I'll add important work meetings, my Cubicle to CEO Chic plan on a page and all things that involve working out and my friends.

- Capsule "NOTES" Inserts: I mean come on, its a notebook and you need some good note pages.

-Planner Page Marker Ruler: Easy way to keep tabs on where I am in the notebook, I'm not sure if I'm going to be using this in my notes section or calendar section.

- Dividers: These little dividers are going to be perfect to help me break up all the different tasks and things that I have to do in a fun way.

They have so many other cute things on the website, go check it out and see what would help you get organized! I am absolutely in love with how simple and elegant everything looks. Ontop of that the prices are so beyond reasonable compared to what they could be.

Planners like these used to be in fashion years ago, and I am so pumped they are back again, its so convenient to keep everything in the one place. For all of my Cubicle to CEO Chic content, I still use my Vistaprint goodies from my September buys. I usually always have one of those notebooks so I can take down any and all ideas and to-do's for Cubicle to CEO Chic. My goal of getting organized as fu¢% right now is to try to focus as much of my spare time as possible on Cubicle to CEO Chic.

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