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Organizing Workout Clothes

I'm sorry, I don't know how my workout clothes got so out of control. I don't know if its because I wear the same thing everyday in quarantine, or I'm moving so finally decided to go through and purge everything but it was out of control. I keep them in bins in my closet (well for now, who knows what i'll do when I move).

For reference, under this pile is 5 bins that should be nicely organized... it ranges from bathing suits, workout tops, sports bras, shorts and all sorts of leggings. Yeah, it was way overdue to organize. Since I knew I was moving I didn't want to spend any money on new bins or anything, not worth it until I set up my new space so its all about using what I had (even though beautiful images of acrylic drawers from The Container Store danced in my head.

Woof, where to even begin? Well, everything went on the floor and I needed to put things into categories, not just what I wanted to keep or not but also the different types of leggings, swim suits , support levels of bras and on and on and on. Well, everything was in piles in my room I can not tell you how much that super irritated me. I quickly sped through and tried legit everything on, needed to make sure it still fit, wasn't see through and I actually liked it.

I ended up taking my tops and leggings and rolling them up so I can see the end of them to know exactly what I was looking at! My swim suits, shorts and sports bras, I laid them out, folded them in half and organized so I can see it all. I mean, tell me this doesn't look pretty

Anyway, yeah this was boring but hey, organizing them felt so amazing. Plus it was a great way to get rid of a bunch of things before I move! Tell me these things don't look great!

What is your best organizational hack?

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