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Overthrow Underground Boxing

have a few coworkers I go and workout with on a regular basis. Overall we are a pretty athletic crew, some of us are more coordinated than others. Since thats the case, we try and rotate around classes we take. It has been pretty stressful at work recently some thought we needed to take our aggression out in some way. Since we have class pass and all of us have done some sort of boxing before we thought this would be a good go...

Sweat level: 9/10 I normally don't sweat a lot, even when I work very hard. At the end of this class I looked down and the entire front of my shirt was soaked with sweat. I was exhausted, probably smelled but was happy with the class overall.

Sports bra level: 8/10 Through class you are doing jumping jacks, jumprope, burpies & more. Trust me when I say you want the right amount of support on this.

Cardio: 8/10 Shiiiiiittt man, you are constantly moving and moving fast. When you aren't doing shadow boxing, you are doing glove touches with someone, burpies, abs, jumping in place or hitting the heavy bag.

Strength: 7/10 The strength is mostly based off of your own body weight or a heavy bag. Both cases, its your own strength and weight you can us to continue. I'm not sure what I did but my back is super sore from the last class.

Instructor: 9/10 Good & sexy. All instructors are either amateur or pro boxers so you are getting good skill-work too. I just wish they paid a bit more attention to what you were doing so you didn't have to ask if you were doing something correctly or not. but oh, the instructors are dirty hot.

Other: They have bathrooms, locker rooms and lockers. I usually show up already changed and ready to go so I just throw my work bag on the benches in the same room we take the class in. All of the employees are so nice, I am a bit of a spaz so they usually help me with my wraps. I do need to take a look at some youtube videos on how to wrap my hands. I would highly recommend bringing your own wraps so you don't have to buy them. Id suggest getting your own set of gloves as well, they do have them but they are a bit smelly and tend to be coming apart inside.

Last but not least, bring a friend. It makes the workout itself more fun but then you also have someone to touch globes with.

If you haven't tried Class Pass, click here for a 2 week free trial. I promise you'll love it and if not just cancel in the two weeks!

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