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Podcasts to Tune into (Quarantine Edition)

There are tons of podcasts out there, so how do you even find ones you are interested in? Honestly, I take most of my recommendations from friends or coworkers... Here are a few podcasts I listen to on a regular basis! When I was commuting to work every day, I had a routine of what I would listen to every morning on my way into work. Now that I'm not heading into work everyday I try and make sure I carve out time to be able to listen to a few.

Mondays are for Breaking Beauty! This is a podcast talks all things products and the stories behind them. The two women that host the podcast do a great job at truthfully reviewing all products they try. I really like how honest they are as well as how they will recommend high end and drug store products. They are really relatable and super informative.

Tuesday: The Bitch Bible & Skinny The Confidential Him and Her podcast. So I started listening to Jackie on the Bitch Bible years ago. She is f^cking hilarious and not afraid to say anything. She has a lot of great guests but also has a ton of hysterical solo episodes. Literally nothing is off limits with her and its great, if you are in the mood for some sarcasm and absolutely no filter. If you are in the mood for some interesting guests then head over to the Skinny Confidential! They consistently have great guests on such a wide variety of talents, opinions and advice.

Wednesday: Give them Lala with Randall. As a loyal VPR follower, I had to tune into this when it came out, plus I needed a podcast that came out on Wednesdays. Overall I think its great to hear the two of them together, they have savage single episodes as well as some great guests.

Thursday: Taste of Taylor, Taylor consistently has amazing guests. She is friends with a ton of celebs and influencers. She is a divorcee of a rich dude and now she's doing her own thing an I'm loving every minute of it.

Friday: Straight up with Stassi, I have been listening this to years. Her podcast comes out every Friday and ranges from solo episodes to having her friends on the podcast as well as other guests. I always get a good laugh out of what is being discussed.

And of course because I'm a psychopath so I am going to shamelessly plug my own podcast! On the podcast I talk all things bravo as well as a week in review for all the hot things going on. I also will be talking different lifestyle trends going on so make sure you tune in!

Happy listening!

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