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Quarantine Glow Up

Yes, everyone is either working on their own glow-up or just letting themselves go, I am in the glow up camp. Here are a few things I've been doing to ensure I come out of this with some good habits and a better version of myself so here are a few things I've been doing.

- Scheduling time. So, earlier this week I posted an entire thing on time management, I can not say how helpful time management has been these days. I think scheduling time is so important or the day can just fly by! I have been slightly OCD recently about scheduling my time. I have been making sure I have been "scheduling" time for myself to do face masks, time for my nails, planning & writing for Cubicle to CEO Chic and so much more. I feel, because of this I have felt pretty busy and that I'm not sitting and twiddling my thumbs! I am not suggesting you schedule every second of every day, thats inane. I just think its good to have some structure and things

- Time for myself. Since, I'm an ambivert, time to myself is very important. For anyone who doesn't know an ambivert is an extrovert with some introverted features. My biggest introverted tendency is needing time to myself to recharge. While quarantine it has been a bit harder to do this than it traditionally would be. My ideal scenario is sitting in my jammies and relax watching a TV show all by myself. Since that is sort of hard to do, I've been making it a point to get up early and go exercise. That helps me recharge, especially during the week. After I do some yoga or get a good sweat in, I'll pour my coffee, and relax in my room. Sometimes I'll just scroll through instagram, read, listen to a podcast or do a face-mask. Overall, finding time to mentally reset and ensure I am in a good place is so stinking important, now more than ever. Most of the time I'll have this be my time to recharge.

Time to relax, chill and do me
Chill out

I went to my apartment for a few days to clean and get back in a great head space.
Alone cozy time

Sweating out my anxiety always helps
Sweat it out

- skincare skincare skincare! I recently did a post on how my skincare has changed during quarantine. If you aren't going to focus on your skin now, when are you going to do it? I have been doing a mask at least twice a week. Once is to purify and detox, the second is to hydrate and add back in all the good nutrients!

- high low of the day. As silly as it is, it has really helped to do a high low of the day. I do it every single day after dinner with one of my best girlfriends. It feels really good to just force yourself to talk about something good that happens in the day. Some days, it's just nice to know you can complain without judgement or having someone get irritated about the "low". Its also really nice to be able to talk about something good that happened during the day! Overall, it also helps put things in perspective that not all things are bad.

Until next time,

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