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Quinoa & Spinach Power Blend

Okay, here we are with February's recipe! I felt like I was in need of a little boost to my system that would fill me up and keep me full. I stumbled upon this in one of my fun filled late nights online. Overall it is pretty simple to make and you can add as much or as little of each ingredient as you'd like!


- Brown rice

- Spinach

- Quinoa

- Red peppers

- Crasins

- Mushrooms

- Chicken tenders

- Red wine vinager

- Garlic

- Salt

- Black pepper

- Red wine vinegar

What youll need:

- cutting board

- Sharp knife

- 2 pots to cook the rice & quinoa in, here is my favorite set

- 1 Fry pan

Whip it up! Literally I swear, cook the brown rice & quinoa (i do ½ a cup of each). Toss the peppers & mushrooms on the fry pan and eventually toss in some garlic and seasoning. Toss the chicken on a baking sheet and in the oven.

Once the peppers and mushrooms are sizzling, toss in the garlic, seasoning, crasins & the spinach. Take out the chicken, dice it up and toss that along with the quinoa and brown rice into the fry pan. I think its super important to have a large fry pan (I use a 12" one) to make sure everything fits in it! Just slowly layer in all of the ingredients and toss it, eventually transfer it to a bowl. Its great because this will last quite a few meals!

This is the ready to go version of the meal that inspired me to make it on my own!

What have you been cooking lately?

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