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Fashion, beauty, dating, cubicle & lifestyle tips as told by a young chic NYC blonde.

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In November when I started my new job, I didn't just want to be wearing T-Shirts every day on camera. I figured it was time to step up my wardrobe but I wanted to do it in an economical way. I thought, since I am trying to lose weight, I didn't want to invest in any big pieces so I RTR was a great option! They have changed their plans in the past year so I decided to go with the 8 items a month with 2 shipments.

I ended up subscribing for November & December then stopping my membership because I didn't feel like they had enough options for me that were available and woudl be flattering on my body, I have a short torso with a um large chest so it can be hard to find things that aren't too sexy. It also did not help that everything I wanted was always unavailable... In Late January, I ended up getting an email from RTR for a free month of the 8 items program so tried it again!

NOVEMBER - Full price of $___.__

I wanted to get a few work pieces as well see if I could rent something for a black tie wedding I was going to later in the month.

Self Portrait Black Puff Sleeve Dress

Self Portrait Black Puff Sleeve Dress in a size 8. I LOVED this dress, it was so cute and fun and flattering! I decided to return this because I didn't think it was appropriate for a black tie wedding, it was too short, especially in the front where the fabric meets for the stunning design. I would highly recommend sizing up in this and renting it for a statement at a party, the details on the dress are to die for. This dress would have been $495 if you were to buy it retail.

Frame and Partners Laces Mariposa Dress

Frame and Partners Laces Mariposa Dress in a size 8. I had such high hopes for this dress, it was fun, flirty, subtle but still okay for a black tie optional wedding. Unfortunately, my ta-ta's wouldn't fit in the cups and the dress was no where close to being able to zip. I was disappointed it wasn't going to work but in hindsight, it was probably a bit too sexy for a black tie optional wedding. I can see this dress being great for a ton of other occasions! This dress woudl go for $349 retail.

Nicholas Paisley Elsie Dress

Nicholas Paisley Elsie Dress in a size 8. When I first saw this dress I thought it would be great over zoom, in person meetings and even for dinner out! I thought it was a good versatile option that was also very trendy with the ruffles and pattern. Since it was cold out I planned on wearing it with tights and boots. Once I got this, the colors were a bit different and I looked like I belonged in Little House on the Prairie which made it a fast return for me. It could be super cute on the right body type and by that I mean you can not have a chest or curves if you are going to wear this. If you were to buy it retail it would cost $475.

Derek Lam 10 Crosby Catia Mixed Print Dress in a size 8. This was another dress I thought would be great for an everyday look for work and socially. Unfortunately the away it hit on my body just didn't look right so it was a fast return. This would be $495 purchased at retail, before you rent, be 100% sure yellow is a good color on you.

Line + Dot Alee Sweater

Line + Dot Alee Sweater in a large. I loved the oversized nature and fun pattern of this sweater. It was so soft and oversized I threw it on all the time. It looked great with leggings paired with sneakers, with jeans and boots. Best of all, it was perfect for Zoom calls and in person. It is a bit boxy so if you rent that just be prepared. You can buy this retail for $90.

Sweet Baby Jamie Sage Collared Sweater

Sweet Baby Jamie Sage Collared Sweater in a Medium. This sweater is so chic, it was great in person and via zoom. It gives off a very polished look while still being trendy and fun. My only complaint on the sweater is the sleeves were super long (by design) and the fabric was a bit scratchy. If you were to buy this retail it would run you $275 making it a perfect piece to rent.

Nicholas Crop Cozy Sweater in large

Nicholas Crop Cozy Sweater in a Large. I was obsessed with this sweater. It was ca crop so I wanted to make sure I got a size large enough to fully cover my belly. I thought it was super cute and a nice way to upgrade a simple outfit. It is a bit thin so wear a layer under it! You can get this at retail for $398.

Nanushka Thora Faux Leather Top in a Large. I had such high hopes for this top. I thought it would be so fun to wear out to brunch or date night. I put it on and at first, it was fine. Once I started moving around my apartment (a test I do with all clothes) it wasn't fitting correctly anymore. When I say it wasn't fitting correctly anymore, I mean it was rising up and ended up looking less flattering. I woudl highly recomend this for anyone that has a smaller chest. It does easily give an illusion of an hourglass figure. You can pick this up for $455.

December, I also paid full price for the membership. I thought it would be great since the holidays were coming up to have different options to wear! Little did I know, most sizes and styles were sold out so I had slim pickings. Let's go through what I got!

Milly Stella Satin Dress in a size 8. I had such high hopes for this dress. I had planned on wearing it to a friends cocktail party with some tights but unfortunately the dress was not very flattering. The dress fit completely fine it was the front tie that looked odd. It kept bulging out and had the fabric puckering out. I could be teh perfect holiday dress and I do love Milly products. You can buy this dress for $425.

Vince Collar Wrap Dress in a size 8. I had hoped to wear this to an engagement party, it looks polished, trendy and cute. Unfortunately, this was not something that looked cute on. In fact, I actually couldn't get it to close. This was a huge bummer in my mind but it was not supposed to be. I think if you do not have a large chest, this could work and be so cute and chic. You can buy this from a retailer for $395.

MISA Los Angeles Kesara Top in a size Large. This was another top I had high hopes for, unfortunately it was not cute on my body. It really looked like a bra with extra fabric below it. I think this would be STUNNING on someone with a smaller chest, overall this is a fantastic top for fall, winter and spring! You can get this for $255 retail.

B&SH Kloe Top in a size medium. This is essentially a glorified sweatshirt. It has a cute V neck in teh front and this was super comfortable! You can dress it up or dress it down which, is always preferred. You can pick this up for $100 at retail.

The Cropped Turtleneck Sweater by Peter Som Collective was rented in a size medium. This sweater was such a fun color and went along with literally every pair of pants, jeans, leather pants & leggings. This could have been super cute with a black skirt and boots as well. The sweater was nice and soft. The bell sleeves are a fun added touch on the sweater as well. You can rent it from RTR or you can buy it for $250.

After the last two months, I was not so sure about continuing to spend about $140 a month of items that I couldn't even guarantee I was going to get. In my mind, the entire point of RTR was to be able to rent pieces for weddings, special events and some seasonal pieces. Unfortunately, I feel like anytime I was looking for something it was either unavailable or unavailable in my size. I didn't feel like it was worth it to continue the subscription when I was just getting more and more frustrated with the availability and flexibility of the new plans.

January was actually a free month! I ended up getting an email from RTR in mid January saying I was getting a complimentary month if I give it a try again. I tried not to get my hopes up in looking at the items and went for some basic pieces that could be used to go to the office or for everyday wear. Since I had no special events coming up I was looking forward to looking for everyday items! I ended up getting the following four items.

Dean Faux Shearling Jacket by Rails in a size medium. This was so stinking cute! The shearling was very on trend and the detailing along the zipper and pocket was so cute. It is a bit cropped so be prepared for that when you toss it on. The jacket woudl be a great early spring layering piece to wear with leather pants, any color jeans or leggings to make it nice and casual. You can either rent it or buy it for $248.

The Easy Street Faux Leather Vest by BlankNYC in a size medium was probably my favorite piece. It is an oversized dark green puff jacket that looks like it is leather. I loved the color of it, the oversized nature of it and how the shoulders looked structured. I actually regret not buying it. You can buy this for $128.

Teddy Bear Turtleneck Sweater by Adam Lippes Collective in a size medium was so cozy. I definetly wore this sweater way more than I should have because of how cozy it is. The camel color is perfection and between that and how cozy it was hard to peel off to return. You can also buy this for $275.

Last but not least, the Faux Leather Split Back Shirt by Good American in a size 2 (US 6-8). This is the first Good American piece I have every tried and they definitely did not disappoint. The shirt was super chic and I loved the back detail. I ended up wearing it open with a tank under it and jeans for a bit of fun. It would be so cute to wear open with high waisted pants and a cute bralette under it. You could also buy it for $159.

I ended up not renewing the subscription after my free month. I would think about doing it again if the plans got a bit more flexible again or I had an event to buy for. I will definitely consider renting individual items as more weddings come up and fingers crossed the items are available!

Until next time,

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