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RHOBH S10 E02 (To Live and Text in Beverly Hills)

The ladies are back from NYC and after that episode I have high expectations for this season based off of the whats to come at the end!

We open with Dorit. Now, she's been going through some issues with the media and accusations that she and PK have no money. Now, we really don't know what the situation is, but the producers bring up a good point that it is different that their new home is only in Dorit's name and not both of their names. Granted, we know PK wasn't well off when he met Dorit and is upset she has to read these things, so lets' upgrade your closet girl!

So far I'm really into the producers breaking the fourth wall this season!

A lot of this episode is either single scenes with the women or them in couples...

- Garcelle is also making moves in her life, she's starting Garcelle 2.o with her new 5 bed 5 bath, it's her new home and its all hers, no memories of her cheating husband in that house.

- Teddi & Lisa have a nice heart to heart on a walk. Teddi struggled a lot when she was younger at living up to expectations she felt were there because of who her dad is & Lisa's daughter is going through the same sort of feeling now. They bond over not wanting to let their kids down and how they don't know how to really fully deal with it.

- Sutton & Kyle meet up for dinner in NYC. Kyle, even though she has tons of cash, she still is super grounded. They catch up about Kyles fashion show, where Sutton lets us all know she doesn't know what leisure wear is but you know, Kyle should do a yacht line. Sutton also drops some hints about what well see in her store which spans from clothes & furniture, to silver wear... Sutton may be too out of touch for me to subscribe to say "it would be cool to make my own money, I don't need to but..."

- Erika and Garcelle meet up for lunch and bond.

- Denise poor girl has a hernia from lifting her youngest daughter. She goes under the knife, her husband was there to take care of her the entire time which was nice, god I would love to be in a recovery suite like hers. Her surgery actually sounds really serious, she had 4 hernias not 1 and it was really serious! Her husband shamelessly plugs his tech thats being put into NASA suits (even though he isn't supposed to)... Denise loves that she can lean on her hubby which is a refreshing surprise and he's got that big dick.

- Erika and her husband have a cute back and forth when she's signing her Broadway show papers! They are super cute planning on when they'll see each other and the emotional support they give each other. When he said he's proud of her and she starts crying, it was beyond cute, they really love each other. PLUS she's going to be Roxy Heart on Broadway!

- Earlier in the episode, Teddi sent the women a text invite to her work retreat. She wanted to show the women what she really does for work but wasn't super informative or putting her foot down on having the ladies show up. This comes up again in the car with Teddi and Lisa on the way to the store opening. As it turns out, Lisa was not so nice about the retreat (apparently retreats are no fun), she's not upset she missed the beach house last year so she tells Teddi to set the expectations. Don't do the wishy washy invite when you really want the ladies to leave before dinner. Teddi, girl, you should've just left it at please come would love it, don't dig into all of the other "I don't care"...

- At the store opening. The women are surprised the they didn't know the pain Denise was in. Sutton has couture all over the store as well as on which Erika points out doesn't even look that good. Erika, thank you for saying what we were all thinking. The mayor of WeHo makes a speech, she doesn't even know who he is. This store has to be a fun hobby for her...

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