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RHOBH S10 E03 (First Impressions, True Confessions)

Lets see, we left my favorite ladies off at Suttons Store launch party debating Teddi's text invite, lets hope the ladies keep delivering!

We start at Dorit and PK and PK is in the hot tub "working" pan across some of the other women back to my fave Kyle!. Kyle is finally home from her family and home! We know she had a robbery in that home a while ago so it so nice to know its all safe and everyone is all good waiting for her! Looks like she's throwing a party for 16 of her pals the next evening.

Erika is practice for her role as Roxy in Chicago. She's with one of her coaches, she does some bizarre ass exercises before we start hearing her sing, she is quite talented. Like a lot of us, she can remember the good times but sometimes the harsh times overshadow that. And like me, her mother was a part of that bad first memory, yeah it sucks ass knowing that and it stays with you but it'll also hopefully make you better.

Teddi & Lisa, I'm glad were following this little storyline. Teddi doesn't speak up knowing she disagrees with the fact that Lisa isn't forcing her daughter to stay in NYC and work through it, just like how Teddi's parents made her stay in LA and it was the best thing. Sutton joins them at the restaurant. Immediately they talk about the SWAG bags (one of the clutches was close to $2K). We dip a little into the fact that Teddi doesn't need the women to come to the retreat. I guess well get into that at the dinner party...

To be fair to Teddi, this is a work thing for her, its not a fun trip for everyone. BUT to Suttons point, she can sugarcoat it a bit for the women. Teddi and Sutton just clearly need different things from friendships, Teddi needs direct ned real, Sutton needs sugarcoating and kiss assing.

Teddi walks in with her bump all ready to go, so cute. Dorit, I am obsessed with her outfit, and she's wearing the clutch Sutton gave them. Lisa and Erika show up together, Lisa's outfit is interesting, she looks like a zebra, but is rocking that chic clutch too! Erikas outfit is so chic with the pants, even though they are noisy. I am also obsessed with Kyles outfit, I need that blouse and Erikas pants. Denise, is still in pain from surgery but she looks great! Last nut not least, Sutton arrives, I like her shoes but don't like that everything links back to herself. It's not couture its just Dolce ready to wear... ugh. I love Erika throwing out that no one cares that its couture. also Sutton, really you are giving her fireball, unless thats an inside joke I don't think she should. OMG Garcelles outfit is so cute too! I love the poofy skirt and not many women can pull that off. I guess enough with the fashion and onto the drama.

Sutton is picking a fight with Teddi, let's be real, she wants place cards to not sit by Teddi. Sutton, no one else cares about the place cards. Suttons a party pooper. She's offended that Kyle says she's always down to bang her husband and apparently thats not dinner conversation. They've got a great new game going where they share first impression vs. now. They are all super nice, as thats happening Sutton makes it a deal that she's not into it by saying "I'm going to drink my wine". Sutton we know they are catty AF and this is fake, let the peace be there for a bit. Denise says how she was intimidated by Sutton at first and she didn't think Sutton would like her style. Now its Suttons turn, and she says she thought Teddi would be boring. lets be clear thats not nice, and this is just the beginning for Teddi tonight. the women sort of gang up on her with not actually wanting to go to the retreat. Honestly, she's pregnant and this is a work thing, let her be. Like this is a work thing for her and people are paying money, if they aren't going to be decent sports, they shouldn't go. I am glad that Mauricio and the women stand up for Teddi at the table while Kyle and her Eddy are out helping pull her together.

Aaron two weeks in a row gets a plug for his company, although I'm still not sure what he does. He heals all without surgery and can cure cancer apparently. And, they have people following them. I'm just confused, we go from talking about cancer and the common cold and splitting atoms. Denise wants him to stop talking for their safety. Im so fucking confused. Thank god someone suggests we guess the sex of the baby. Once thats celebrated, Denise leaves and the rest of the women whip out the fireball. I love seeing Dorit throw back the shots. As Teddi leaves, it's super awkward when, Sutton tries to say bye Sutton stop making this a bigger issue than it is. Also Sutton, you really should go to her retreat if you want to "work through" whatever issue you have. Teddi is so easy to get along with...

For the first time we see inside of Suttons home. Its gated and beautiful. Sutton feels picked on which, we know that she's a fan of the show so is she just trying to stir up issues to be relevant and maybe next to Andy at the reunion. Same time we see Teddi and Erika chatting. I get why Teddi is more hurt at eh fact that Sutton threw being pregnant at Teddi as a negative position instead of just leaving it. Teddi was serious when she told Sutton not to go to the retreat, Kyle thinks Sutton should go... lets see how this plays out next week along with some other things...

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