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RHOBH S10 E04 (All's Fair in Glam and War)

We left off with Teddi being upset and uninviting Sutton to her retreat after Kyles dinner party. I can not wait to see what unfolds this week!

Off to the wellness retreat we go! Honestly hearing Teddi talk about how its morning boxing, lunch, free time for the spa, yoga & dinner. How did I not sign up for this! Sutton makes it all about her before she even gets out of the car, clearly she's so upset and maybe she shouldn't have gone to the retreat. Kyle and some other women are boxing withe their hair down. Sutton just looks confused at whats going on, clearly group classes aren't her thing... Gotta hand it to Sutton, her legs are so stinking thin I'm jealous of that! Dorit is glammed to the fucking 10's and I don't hate it. Garcelle on the other hand took Teddi up on the "if you don't want to come don't come" power to her. I agree with Dorit, Id rather sit at the DMV for a month than sit through an hour long meditation, but girl don't cause drama and leave early.

Dorit, I f^cking love you but Teddi knows you are thrilled to be there... I personally have never been good at meditation, but Im certainly better than the girls skipping it to scream at each other in the hotel room. I do agree with Kyle where Dorit is wrong to say that she's the only one with a life and has other priorities. I do find it hysterical they can hear them arguing from the meditation. I love that Erika owns she was late in Berlin because she wanted to look good and she apologized to them, Dorit is not doing that. Looks like the real late one to the game is Denise who first asks if everyone is having a good time followed by the awkward silence. Because you know, Dorit had PK gone and had to get glam and take the kids to school so you know she deserved to be late.

Since Lisa isn't with the women, we see her with her daughter Amelia continuing their discussion on some of her mental health. I do like that she can talk to her mom about her depression, anxiety and anorexia, she was going down a dark hole. I love seeing how supportive Lisa is.

Garcelle is beautiful, her kids seem sweet and it seems like they coparent well. Love that she makes her kids do chores, so did I and well, look how I turned out... Her kid asks for Gucci something, I am obsessed with the fact she shuts it down and tells him to get a job.

So, I know they love tequila but they keep pushing the Casamigos tequila from George Clooney, Rande Gerber, and Mike Meldman but they sold it to Diagio (BTW Diagio hit me up I wanna work for you) in 2017. So I guess they really like it? Denise is having a dinner party that is very her with the new house and great sounding food. Id have a ball eating and as an observer of this dinner party. They have a great chill outdoor setting going for them.

We have a beautiful set up in the yard, some big product push for Titos vodka and Casamigos... Some of the crew is there before Denise is even ready, but then again, she was late to her won wedding so... Well anyway, Dorit is dressed as a chic Gogo dancer and everyone else is in jeans. LOVE that Kyle knows she and dorit need to have a conversation but immediately starts mocking the photoshoot Dorit had pre retreat in her living room. I don't know why everyone is so shocked at the threesome conversation, like really, of course most of these women have been with women and other stuff. It's also really not a loud conversation they should've been having around the kiddies.

The finale is obviously a fun little argument. Seems like Dorit is more annoyed at the fact that Kyle and Teddi are great friends. I don't think Kyle should be annoyed with the "Barbie Glam Look" it's not really Kyles business to stir the pot and be mean on this one. I think Dorit is upset that she thinks Kyle blindly defends Teddi, but now this is causing more issues to stay relevant. I do like Denise puts to stop on the fight because the kids are there. We end with Kyle in tears, I understand she feels attacked but come on Kyle, you are stirring the pot here.

Im not sure if RHOBH is my fave because it just is or because it starts at 8pm, either way I cant wait for next week!

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