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RHOBH S10 E05 (Let the Mouse Go!)

My favorite ladies are back at my favorite time! We left off at Denise's housewarming party where Kyle was feeling the tears coming over her for standing up to Dorit at Teddi's retreat.

We open back up to Kyle in tears, Sutton is telling everyone to zip it. Garcelle is trying to help and Kyle refuses to say anything so we are going to go in circles here about Kyle blindly defending everyone. I do feel bad that Kyle is in tears, and how she cant get her ears out. It is childish that it is always about Kyle but I mean that wasn't the tie and place. Kyle and Teddi do look super casual chic. But Kyle, let's back up the statement everyone is full of shit. Not everyone is a fake ass b^tch in Bev Hills, Teddi does defend Kyle when she's gone but now everything is directed at Teddi, which is what she's saying happened to Kyle. To Lisa's point, Kyle is a big girl and can stand up for herself.NOW I feel like its about a million other things, especially since the kids are all out but if Lisa wanted to know whats wrong with Kyle, she should've pulled her aside.

Anyway, we're back to Lisa's world and her girls are at a photoshoot for her daughters clothing line. it would be nice to be in the situation where my parents could fund my hobbies, especially since the girls cant tell their mom the name of all the clothes in the DNA line. Momager to the rescue on this, I do like that she admits she's a momager. Momager is in the cloths so why not shoot her even though thats not the target market, have fun with what your moneys gotten those girls! Plug plug plug for DNA clothing.

Denise and Erika (Still very obsessed with Erika) are out to lunch where Denise brings up her oldest kid overheard them talking about threesomes. To be honest, Denise is a loon so let's not pretend she's squeaky clean either. Erika was at least honest and open about whats going on. I do like that Erika is defending Kyle for having a lot on her plate, and granted everyone does but at the same time everyone has different thresholds for it. Not a great look that she didn't say thanks for the dinner though...

Oh shiiiiiiit, we have Garcells husband up on the show! Honestly she is a piece and he cheated on her!?! It is nice to see she's not holding a massive grudge on what he did, I wonder if the boys know what happened. I like that she is having a low key party for her kids. We hear from Lisa's mom Lois, girl don't scare me about not having lashes later in life. I am excited to see what goes down at the girls DNA debut and dinner.

Erika has the ladies over pre show and her office or whatever this is is 100% f^cking GOALS to have. Get at me on that one. All of the women look amazing per usual, Dorit's braid is epic, Teddi looks chic, Kyle looks goals... All of the women are pumped to see Lois! Sutton is dressed, well like Sutton. I didn't know that dorit was involved with Buca di Beppo, here we come Italy trip! Before that we need the one night stay that Kyle organizes, Denise is clearly not impressed. What the heck is Sutton talking about... she keeps saying "I'm going to freak out". Honestly, dorit is right this isn't the time to freak out, its not her event to freak at... Sutton, don't continue to rub me the wrong way. But the person Joey Maalouf that she's angry with is not there, they have a business relationship but no friendship anymore.

At the show, I do like how open Lisa is about how her girls wouldn't have this line without her and her husband. They genetically have Lisa's hustle and Harry's intelligence. Kyle half asses an apology and Denise should just let it go. Back at dinner, Sutton brings up the tension with Joey. And Lisa, correctly asks why she didn't ask if Joey would be there, and even if she was there she should be mature enough to ignore him. All of a sudden, Sutton is offended and telling dorit to shut up across the table. I agree with Lisa, if she threw a fit and ruined the girls event she should be thrown out. But I mean what does Sutton losing her mind look like. No one is "coming at" Sutton, she's letting her dirty laundry out to air for everyone. I think everyone is just as confused as I am. the women start to bicker a bit again about the Kyle situation and Lisa breaks the ice by saying she's gotta take her mom home!

Next time, we see some more into Garcelles life, and san Astrologer comes and gives the women some scoop...

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