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RHOBH S10 E06 (Read Between the Signs)

Is it finally time for Denise to scream BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO at dinner? Let's find out tonight, last week we left off with Sutton having a fit at dinner post a debut of Lisa's girls fashion line.

Garcelle lets us into her ride or die girlfriend group and she looks amazing! They do talk through a lot of challenges they have, including Garcelles cheating ex husband. I love when we get to see Kyle play with her dogs, she loves them so much! Erika is calling the women for an amazingly good astrologist. Although, I did see her in the confessionals and I always think she looks fab but I'm confused with all the blush on the forehead. At Denises house, her daughter Sami is heading off to homecoming. It's sort of refreshing to see she's slightly struggling with parenthood just because everyone does. Its also nice hearing her talk about Charlie and how he was sober when they first got married then started having issues when she was pregnant... anyway, back to the drama.

I like hearing Erika talk about how difficult channeling Roxy Heart will be. It's fun to see all the background prep that goes into all of it and how she wants to do a killer job and not let the cast carry her. We see Lisa and harry talking about how it is a two actor household and they are always hustling and traveling so therefore missing things (like the DNA opening). They struggled with their daughters eating disorder last year and how they didn't know how to talk to her and deal with it. It seems like it's a good thing their girls are home and their therapy happy family. I actually really like Lisa's overall happy positive attitude and I think her relationships are great and work for her.

Off to Dorit's new venture with the restaurant... She doesn't want to let Robert down, she says this as she is fondling PK's face because she's seeing him for the first time in a while. I wonder if Droit will bring LVP into any drama this season with the new restaurant. I know they are no longer speaking but I doubt queen LVP will care about Dorit designing a room in a restaurant. We have Kyle at her makeup station, I'm shocked at how cluttered it is but oh well. I don't think its the best for Sutton to be pulling Dorit aside for a quick word. I do think it's adorable that Mauricio thinks Kyle shouldn't be wearing skirts out like that without him.

I love that not only is Erika hosting this but she is also having her man there! In the car with Teddi, Kyle and Sutton. The "glam" convo comes up again, and who knows what mood Denise will be in. What are the f^cking chances that Lisa and Erika will be wearing the same exact dress and Garcelle will be wearing a similar one! Let's see what other drama comes up this evening because I feel the matching coat dresses just scratch the surface.

It is super cute to watch Erika's husband interact with the women. Denise enters, Tom goes and escapes from the crazy women. Shawn, the astrologer shows up so lets get this party started! I love how confident Erika is, she's the first one to go here apparently she likes when people stick to the facts in an argument, maybe thats why she's married to a lawyer. Kyle is up next, she's all about consistency and honesty plus she'll get worked up when someone is treated unfairly, that also checks out. Denise, very friendly, open and loving, however, the hidden side of her if someone breaks her trust she'll keep a good face on but she'll be figuring out how she's going to deal with it so she can even the score. Lisa's up next, everyone knows where they stand with her which is a blessing and a curse. Garcelle, who thinks Shawn is easy on the eyes, likes to have a good time but don't cross her. For Dorit, its all about how she feels and when she's upset its super hard to reel her back in. Sutton is super opinionated and will take things personally even when its not intended to be taken personally. Teddi, feels safe with deep connections and gravitates towards energy in big groups (she gravitates towards Earth signs aka Kyle). I do agree that Kyle wants to be liked by everyone, Kyle and Teddi are closer, it's totally okay. I do wonder in these situations where they totally nail it, are they really that good or do they do their research first? Ive never had an astrologer read my signs so I have no idea.

Oh this was just the tip of the iceburg. I love Erika more than I ever knew I did, she tells Sutton to zip it and be respectful in her home and not to yell. For Sutton to still be upset about the fact that she said she was going to freak out is silly. If anyone should feel like they aren't being brought into the group, its Garcelle and she calls it right out so good for her. I do think Garcelle needs to try a bit more to be in with the ladies. Garcelle is right, Kyle is sort of just glazing over people and I think she's fab but very wrapped up in herself and trying to stay relevant.

Erika like a true hostess, leads everyone to the door when they leave. Lisa, Garcelle and Denise all get in a car to go and continue the Kyle conversation. Lisa is hysterical as always in the car. They get a bit catty but I think it's a lot of pent up anger in that car. Teddi and Kyle are sort of a package deal and thats okay to admit! Kyle is under a lot of pressure and she's starting to crack, there might be something a bit deeper going on with Kyle right now. Kyle is wrong for saying Erika has no good friends. Especially in her own home but to no surprise Erika handles it fabulously.

Lets see what next week brings with my favorite Bravo ladies, looks like they are doing a mini get away,

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