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RHOBH S10 E07 (Santa Denise)

Last week we left off with a blow up at Erikas house... I have a feeling this week is going to be great since they are heading off to Santa Barbra.

Well, we start off at Kyles place, I should've known she speaks Spanish, since the ladies are leaving to go to Santa Barbra together! Kyle organized the trip to celebrate Kyle completing filming, plus we always love a good excuse to get the ladies away together. I do like that Kyle tried to confront Dorit about how silly their recent argument was, however she could've made it a bit less about her. Thankfully they had that chat before the other women showed up.

Garcelle is a f^cking boss. I love how strong and independent she is, she's got her career and still manages her kids! I do wish shed get a bit more integrated with the other girls, but I totally understand she has her acting stuff to deal with.

Anyway, while Garcelle is off working, the other women go to play. Into the sprinter van they go. I think its hysterical to see them cramped into the back tow rows, but clearly they needed to for the crew to fit so they can record everything. The biggest piece of drama from the ride was going around the curves to get to the house... But the house is amazing, absolutely stunning. I want Kyle to plan one of my vacations...

As always, Sutton is weird, she wont hug the woman like everyone else and she is super awkward. After a quick outfit change, the women head off to do a wine tasting! I do love Lisa's okay lets go positive attitude about everything! Sutton is a nervous nelly and annoying so it's good that she and Lisa are together. I wonder if its awkward for Erika to bike with Kyle after Kyle's comments last week. OMG, they have a beautiful setup when they get to the wine spot plus a cute chocolate lab dog! LOL, why bother asking bout the spit out bucket, the only one that would use it would be Teddi because she's pregnant but none of the other girls would.

Denise is still MIA from the group since she was working. But there has been a lot of things Denise has done where a threesome shouldn't be a big issue, she really is rubbing the women the wrong way this season. When she does finally show up, she's got some tequila in her hand, and the convo clearly stops since they were talking about her and she's a bit of a Debbie downer, we need fun tequila drinking Denise!

OMG, the view from their spot is almost as unbelievable looking as the food they have being prepared. Erika & Lisa look fab looking and on trend, it looks like they are going to a totally different place than Denise in her jeans. God, the food looks so stinking amazing! At dinner, Trying to engage Denise, they are asking about her acting career and roles she has BS. hasn't liked and the topic of three-ways comes up again. Denise did film one for a show, so inevitably, we start talking about the BBQ at Denise's house again... Denise, how do you possibly think your girls wont know or see the video with her doing a threeway! At the same time, you are just acting. Kyle goes on and apologizes for her behavior at Densie's house in front of all the ladies, I do think that should have been done one on one and not in front of the entire group, but whats the fun in that. To be honest, you can't control how conversations go and it was super shitty to have the kids right behind them talking about sex and stuff but come on. Plus, Denise, your kids laughed it off so you made a huge deal out of nothing and made everything so awkward. She clearly is offended by it just either own it or put it to bed.

Apparently Lisa doesn't make coffee on a regular basis because her coffee was strong enough to wake the dead. Hey, at least she made the coffee before the chef showed up. Sutton, no one cares what you think and stop bring up the fact that this isn't resolved yet! There is a lot of big emotions going on... Everyone needs to understand the level of friendship isn't going to be the same level of friends. The group is right to call out Denise for her super judgy behavior on the threesome conversation and she is being contradictory. She needs to own the conversation and what she's saying. Plus, what she's saying is going on national television, her kids can see this stuff, she needs to own her conversations!

Denise does seem to be the odd man out in this right now. Next week should be interesting, we have Garcells award show, Denise wont have the kids around the women anymore and it's the BRAVO episode!

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